Exam preperation: Tips and Advice

So it is that time of the year again, school is almost over and your exams are coming up or have started.
After months of revising and well, stressing out most likely, the days are quicker creeping up.
But don't panic.

I have been there, done that and bought a hell of a lot of T-Shirts during the exam season.
From GCSEs to A-Levels to University exams, here are my tips and advice for coping with exams.

Plan your days/weeks ahead of time. You can use a timetable, with set time frames in which you are going to study and relax in. This gives you a more clear head as you know what you are going to revise and when.

Use visual aids
By creating diagrams, charts, mind maps, you are creating a visual thing of the topic you are revising. This does not work for all but it is a great way to set out the key information about the topic, highlighting the facts you need for your exam.

Eat brain food
Keep away from junk food, this will do you know good. Within your breaks, eat food that will give you energy for the next revision period.
Here is a list of food example's: oily fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel), nuts, fruit, vegetables and eggs.
Don't forget to drink plenty of water as well!

Explain your answers to other
Your friend, your parents, other relatives, explain the topic/answers. By talking out loud and to someone , it may help you remember it more. Plus the fact you are talking to someone else who may not know about the subject, you are also teaching them whilst revising.

Take a break
This is key. If you do not give yourself a period of time to relax and not do any revise in then you will become more stressed and tired most likely. By giving yourself a break of an hour then you are resting your mind and body.

Have fun
This may sound weird as we are talking about exams and they aren't really that fun. However, by organising a study group or trying out different things to make you remember then it creates a much more happier and fun atmosphere, instead of you just sitting at your desk writing. Don't stress, as long as you give it your all!

So there you have it, my tips and advice for the exam season.
For those who are currently doing exams then I hope this has helped and good luck!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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