Goodbye past, hello future

So two and half year ago, I decided to take my chances and apply for university. I chose to do a course focusing on Journalism as this has always interested me but, like many, was nervous in taking the steps to get an offer.

Having confidence issues and very little belief in myself of what I can achieve was always there in my mind as a reminder that I wasn't good enough to reach my goals in life and I admit it, it held me back.

The worse part was thinking that I was not good enough and I know that I wont be the only one who thinks this about themselves.

However, today was a massive, MASSIVE step forward in achieving my goals and my confidence back.
Today is the day I finished my second year of uni and passed my foundation degree.

Working hard and revising so much for my A-Level exams and coursework, I really wanted to succeed and to have the opportunity to go to uni if I wanted to. That was the plan.

I am one of those people who you can tell me every single second of every single day that "You are great and doing amazingly with work" but I just don't believe it.
To keep it brief, I basically did worse at my A-Level courses than I thought I would be, I got a D and two Cs. Don't get me wrong, those grades are still a pass but coming out of that results halls and knowing that I didn't get into the university I wanted to go to was heart breaking and I, for one, admit that I cried so much when I opened that envelope. But I got myself through it and decided to take on a foundation degree.

Going to uni that very first week was scary. Knowing no one, not knowing if you were either going to love or hate the course and what your lecturers were going to be like was daunting. I remember sitting in the reception area and being absolutely petrified.

However, over the past two years my life has become so much better. I have made some lovely, funny and very smart friends, I have expanded my knowledge and have had the opportunity to do something that I enjoy doing, creative writing. Even though I still need one grade back and another year to do, the future is looking positively brilliant today.

As cheesy as it sounds, I genuinely cannot be an happier whilst I am writing this post.
After years of doubting my capability, I finally realised that just a bit of self confidence and self belief goes along way in achieving your goals 

Until next time



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