A girl can't have too many bags, right?

Over the past few years, I have been obsessed with many things.

From Merlin (BBC One TV show focused on the Arthurian Legend and Merlin), You Me At Six (British pop-punk band), iconic actress Audrey Hepburn and many, many more. But one thing I love is bags. Yes, bags.

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From clutches, handbags to over the shoulder and quirky, unique bags, I have about 30ish. It doesn't seem a lot but thinking I only used 5 a couple of years ago, it does.

What I look for the most in a bag is: space to fit all of the essentials in, an inside pocket, a thin, adjustable strap and the colour/pattern both inside and outside. I know, its weird to have a checklist but it comes in useful when you need a new bag to fit all of the things in.

So move over shoes as these are my top 10 bags that I absolutely adore.

 I'm Batman

Give the dog a bone- £24.99 
 I bought this bag a couple of years ago and it is one of my favourite. I love the DC Comic Superhero Batman. From Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight film franchise and the 1960s TV show to tops and accessories, I bought this from a shop in York. My mum and I go to York as much as we can, we love the historic city.
I found Give The Dog A Bone shop and fell in love with it instantly. It is perfect if you love quirky things or if you are fangirl like me. The messenger bag did cost £24.99 but it is huge and useful for putting in all my things. There are other designs in the Batman range and in other things.

Sweet treat

Next- £16 (Half Price in Sale)
 This is one of my most recent bag purchases and I absolutely adore it. Drumsticks are on of my favourite sweets and so when I saw this bag in Next, it was inevitable that I would buy it.
However, originally it was £32 so I waited until they had their sale to buy it. A couple of weeks later, they had their sale and it was half price, which is fab as its great value for money! As seen on the image, it has a thin gold chain strap which can easily be placed in the bag creating a clutch. It is so quirky, I love it.
Summer strawberry
Primark- £6
Hands down, this is one of my favourite bags I own. This strawberry bag from Primark is so quirky and so perfect for summer as it is bright and bold. Costing £6, it is an absolute bargain. With an inside zipped pocket and room for all of my essentials, this is from their latest summer range so if you hurry there might be still one in store.

Classic elegance 

My Nanna bought this, I don't know
where or how much she got it for
 First things first, I didn't buy this bag, my lovely Nanna did so I have no idea how much she bought it for or from where (I guess from a charity shop or something).
However, it is perfect for me. As I keep on saying, I love Audrey Hepburn so this little bag was made perfectly for me. The image is on both sides, with on of them having little clear gems on her necklace. Such a elegant bag, just like Audrey.

Tan, tan and even more tan

Primark- £8
I won't go into too much detail about this stylish bag as I have already (read here) but Primark do some lovely bags.
The small detail, found on both the front and back, and the adjustable strap, it is perfect for the summer season. Costing £8, it is great to put in bits and bobs for when you go out. There are two pockets (one with a zip) inside and it is quite big so the essentials can be put in. 

London's Calling

Primark- £8 (I think)
As you may or may not know, I travel to the UK capital city of London every year with my mum and my nanna. So when I saw this bag a couple of years ago, it was perfect for me for when I go visit there.
The satchel is from Primark and I think it was £8 but I could be wrong. The thing I love the most about this bag is the pattern. From landmarks such as the London Eye and the Gherkin to iconic things such as the UK flag and the River Thames, it also keeps in the theme of Great Britain with the red, white and blue. Definitely one for the patriotics.
Special delivery

Primark- £6
 This envelope bag is perfect for those summery nights out. Again, I have written about it before in a previous post (read here) but I love it.
The pale blue colour is so pretty and with the metal detail on the sides and opening, it keeps it in with todays fashion trends. Inside this £8 bag there is a zipped pocket which is perfect for keeping little items in and a chain if you don't want to carry it. The clutch also comes in a pale yellow and pink as well as black.

Little pale blue bag

Marks and Spencers- £19
 A small bag, such as this Marks and Spencer's faux leather bag, is perfect for doing some shopping with, going out with friend or a night out.  It is just the right size for carrying the must haves (phone, keys, I.D., make up etc) too.
Originally £29.50, this stylish bag was £19 when I purchased it. There was a pale yellow version as well but I did buy this a year ago so if you look online or in store, there might be one similar somewhere.

Get your newspaper here

Cath Kidston- £26
 I adore Cath Kidston, I have so many things from clothing, accessories and home products from her stores. So when I needed a new uni bag and with me wanting to be a journalist, I found the most perfect bag for me.
A newspaper bag. But it isn't just that, this is a reversible bag. One side newspapers, the other London buses. I think that is really cool and really clever, I am not going to lie! There are two zip pockets so you can keep your keys, makeup, a mirror, your phone etc in them and the strap is adjustable in its length.
This bag was also in the CK sale so it was £26 instead of £45 so that was a bargain. The bag also comes in different patterns.
Cool as a pineapple

Primark- £6
Saving the best to last here in my ten favourite bags post. I am obsessed with anything pineapple related, even the word. I love the word pineapple.
This summery, quirky bag is from Primark and like the strawberry version, it was £6. I love the fact that it looks a bit cartoony in the way that the green leaves looks like it should have the word POW or something in it but yeah, great value for money. So move over "cool as a cucumber", it's cool as a pineapple now.

Well there you have it, my top 10 bags that I own and love.
Do you have any quirky/favourite bags?
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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