1 top style, 5 summery colours, 5 different outfits

Walking around the high street store of Primark (yes, that shop again) and finding items for my spring/summer wardrobe, I stumbled across this £5 scalloped vest, which is brilliant value for money since it is so pretty.

I have wrote about this item both in a previous post (click here) and well, every time I go in there always seems to be another colour of it.
Originally, I bought the red, white and yellow versions but now they have bought out black and lilac. There is a pink one as well but I have not got round to purchasing that.

So I thought why not write a post showing you all of the five colours in different outfits...

Here is my '1 Style, 5 Colours, 5 Outfits'!


 Kimono- £5 (I think), Primark
Jeans- £7, Primark
Shoes- £4, Primark
Bag- £8, Primark
This outfit is great for summer. The light, bright colours and the bird print just screams sunshine (the colour quite literally). The simple colours of the top and the bag matches those in the kimono, keeping the look stylish and consistent. The bag does have a chain strap if you do not want to carry it. The yellow top is bright but paired with simple prints, it is fab!


Printed trouser- £8, Primark
Sandals- £10, Primark

Since summer is the time for festivals, this outfit is great if you are going to one. The black version matched with the printed green/blue trousers is comfy, stylish and perfect for relaxing in. The sandals make the outfit more in touch with summer and paired with tan accessories, then you will be all set for rocking out!


Sorry that you cannot see the sandals on the photo, here they are:
Skirt- £10 in the sale (I think), F&F at Tescos
Sandals- £10, Primark
Bag- £11, Primark
Paired with a white flower skirt, the lilac scalloped vest is a lovely, pale colour. With the tan sandals and bag, it keeps the outfit fresh and summery and keeping it plain and simple as you do not want to over do it. A floppy white hat would finish off the outfit nicely, perfect for those summery days ahead.


Skirt- £29, from Pink Flamingo Retro 
Shoes- £4, Primark
Bag- £4, Age UK Charity Shop

If you know me personally or follow me on other social networking sites then you will know how much I love old fashioned clothing. I am obsessed with anything vintage.
So I bought this retro car skirt from a vintage fair that was near me and well, when I bought the top it fit in perfectly with the knee length skirt. With the red flat shoes and the vintage bag, if you love the retro look then this is an outfit for you!


Jeans- £10, Primark
Jacket- £15 (I think), Matalan
Shoes- £15, BHS
Bag- £19, M&S
The fifth and final outfit now featuring the white version of this lovely and cheap scalloped top. This outfit is simple yet effective as you are not over shadowing the top. I wear this outfit for going out shopping, to university and to job interviews. I do change the shoes from heels to flats/plimsolls. However, it is definitely one to feel happy and summery in.

Well there you have it, '1 Style, 5 Colours, 5 Outfits'.
Have you bought anything nice clothing wise recently, from Primark or anywhere else?
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


  1. love your blog! I’m really interested in you as a person and your experiences. I’m really struggling with my love life at the moment, do you have any insights or experiences to share on the subject?

    1. Aw, this is lovely of you! In terms of the love life, I cant really help you there as everyone has different opinions about things but I do hope you overcome what ever it is you are struggling with!


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