Where to find me

This will be a quick blog post, showing you where to find me on other social networking sites if you are interested in following me on other things.

Here are my social media accounts!


I use Instagram to upload my new blog posts, things I find pretty or that I like or just general stuff. I don't usually post a lot on this site, maybe a couple of times per week but not a lot.
The reason for my username is because it links in with my blog name so it all links in. This isn't the first one I have had and it probably wont be the last one either. But, I still love this site. I love photography so I love scrolling through my feed of the people I follow to see what they are up to etc.

Ignore the username on the photo, I have changed it to theadventuresofcaroline since I got this picture.

I also have a fandom account, heartsincamelot, that I go on to post images of all the TV shows I love. It is pretty much a Merlin base account so if you like the BBC hit drama show, I do also posts pictures of other fandoms such as Sherlock and Doctor Who so follow me on this one too if you like!


I have two Twitter profiles, one for personal stuff or one as a fangirl account.

My Personal: carolineosbel
I pretty much use this account to tweet links for my blog, post rubbish pretty much. I don't really use it. It just tweet my blog links but I keep it for university and because my favourite band, You Me At Six follow me on it and I talk to them on this one. I made this account in 2010 which seems ages ago now but I still like to have a look (and cringe) over my old tweets.

2010 me was so sassy... and not in a good way to be honest!

My Fangirl: @heartsincamelot   
I go on this a lot! I practically live on this account! I created it because I love the BBC Show Merlin (hence my username) and I post everything from gifs (moving 3 second ish images), photos, videos and tweets about this show and others that I am apart of (Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Fall, CSI etc). I also go on it to socialise with other fans which is really nice and fun because you are talking to people who love the same things as you!

I do tweet a lot on this account as this is my main one so you have been warned!


I only made an account on Pinterest in January I think. This is basically where you search for things and you can pin it to your page or in a board you have made and it will be there forever so you don't lose it. You can also like things so again, you don't lose it. You can create lots of boards for everything. Some of mine include: Merlin, flowers, Vintage, Vintage Wedding, You Me At Six and TV/Film. You can pin pretty much everything you love and want to keep


Again, like twitter, I have two accounts for Tumblr.

This was my first blog site I created waaaayyyyy back in 2012.
My fangirl account: heartsincamelot
Pretty much like my twitter account really. I reblog everything from Merlin, Sherlock and Doctor Who to random stuff I find funny and whatnot.  I use to go on this quite a lot when I first created it but over the past year ish I haven't really been using it. Only recently is when I started reblogging on it and that is when I have the chance to.

My personal/blog account: theadventuresofcarolineosbel
I have only just created this account in January I think and I use it to reblog/share pictures of vintage things, flowers, journalism quotes or just normal quotes. Just stuff in general. It is to link in with this blog so I can share posts I do on this to that, expanding my audience and social networking.


Well that is it! Now you know where to find me! If you do decide to follow me then thanks and tell me!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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