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So today I was very fortunate in seeing one of my favourite ever bakers and idols, Mary Berry (do you get the post title now, instead of very I put Berry haha...).

Anyway, she was opening a new £4.5 million Barker and Stonehouse flagship store near where I live and I had to go and see the Great British Bake Off judge. Apparently there was over 400 people who attended the opening which is insane but Mary is that popular!

I have most of her recipe books and I completely love her appearance and her personality she has both on and off the screen. And she did not fail to disappoint. With her bold jacket on and her lovely, warm smile on, she greeted her fans whilst walking down to the front of the store to cut the Great British flag sofa cake, made especially for this event (see photo below).

So here are my photos of the Queen of baking earlier on today:
Sorry for the bad quality. I didn't take my camera, only my iPhone!



Mary also did two Q&A sessions with Wendy Gibson. My friend and I attended the first one:


However, as much as I love Mary, the store itself was pretty impressive too!
Spanning over two floors of quirky, weird furniture for your house to a little café place on the third and final floor, the new building was spacious and stylish, with furniture hanging from the ceilings/walls and the biggest chandelier I have ever seen.

Here are some of the areas I loved:

I love typewriters
Playing my favourite film

So many books!
This is hanging from the ceiling

Bedside cupboard on wall
Lovely bed area
Loved this bedroom layout
Sail/Map inspired bedroom
I want this bed!

Bedroom again
Vintage inspired!

We attended the Q&A towards the end of our visit as we left early so as Mary was leaving that session, it was my chance to get a photo with her. However, I knew she wanted to go so I took a video instead:

Short but sweet, ha!
And here is another video but of just Mary, she looked and was lovely!

I am also in the Gazette's online article about the opening, I am in two of the pictures (26 and 29) in the gallery used: gazettelive.

Follow Mary on Facebook: maryberrythecook
Her website: maryberry
Some of her BBC recipes: bbcrecipesmary

For Barker and Stonehouses website, click here

Well there you have it, such a perfect day out and another person I can tick off my "To meet" list!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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