Let us travel through time in space, back in time to 10 years ago today, 26 March 2005. A Timelord appears on BBC One for the first time since 1999. His name, Doctor. The Doctor.

Ok so the show is called Doctor Who and today it celebrates it 10 year anniversary of New Who.

We call it New Who because originally Doctor Who aired in 1963 to 1989. There was a telefim (television film) in 1996. It was then revived 16 years after the original finished by Russell T Davis in 2005 and Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss now do it.

A brief outline of the show:

The Doctor- whose real name is u known hence the name of the show- is a time traveling alien who is the last of his kind. He has two hearts and has changed into a different person (appearance and personality), he has done this 12 times throughout every series ever. He goes around the universe with a companion, defending the Earth and the galaxy from all different evil aliens with his blue public telephone phone box, aka time machine, named the TARDIS. Some of the most famous baddies are: Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and The Master.

The New Who doctors, a brief outline:

Christopher Eccleston (2005)
Christopher played the ninth doctor (the first doctor in New Who). He was the bad boy, wearing a leather jacket and being sassy. Eccleston only appeared in series 1 in the year that it was revived.

David Tennant (2005-2010)
Ironically Tennant played the tenth doctor, which I find hilarious because of his surname. Anyway, many people say the he is their favourite Doctor and I have to agree with them. Appearing in three series and a couple of specials, he was such a dork with his faux fur suede coat and his tie. You cannot help but fall for his big brown eyes though.

Matt Smith (2010-2013)
Smith played the 11th Doctor in three series and a special episode. His iconic appearance featuring a waistcoat, braces and a bowtie made Whovians fall in love with his quirkiness. His nickname by his companion Amy Pond was 'Raggedy Man'. He made bowties and fezzes cool!

Peter Capaldi (2013- present)
One of the things I adore about Peter as the Doctor is the fact that he is a Whovian himself. He used to watch the old series of Who when he was younger. This made him instantly awesome when he was announced as Matt's replacement. His grey hair, his outfit and his sassy but serious attitude is great to watch him in his crazy adventures. His eyebrows are pretty impressive too!

Yes, I am well aware I am weird haha
The Companions:
Rose Tyler (2005-2006 as a regular, been in a couple of episodes after)
Rose, played by Billie Piper, is most people's favourite companion of New Who. Appearing along side Eccleston and Tennant (until she left as a regular in series 2). Her character is a take no prisoners, feisty woman whose last scene with Ten made the nation cry.

Martha Jones (2007-2010)

Ten's companion in series 3 and 4, Martha was a nurse student. She is played by Freema Agyeman. The character does fall in love with the Doctor but knows they can never have a relationship.

Donna Noble (2008-2010)

Donna hands down is my favourite companion. Played by comedian Catherine Tate, Noble was hilarious, sassy and never failed to make me laugh, smile and cry. She appeared in 2006 Christmas Special and became a regular in series 4. I really do miss Donna.

Amy Pond (2010-2012)

Moving onto 11th companions and Amelia 'Amy' Pond was his first. The ginger haired, fiery Scottish woman, Amy was a brilliant character. Appearing in series 5-7 along with her partner/husband Rory, she was played by Karen Gillian.

Rory Williams (2010-2012)

Amy's husband, Rory is one of the most adorable companion going. Played by Arthur Davill, the nurse was clumsy yet came out with some good points. I cried so much when I watched what happened to him at the end- I wont tell you though, you got to watch it. So emotional.

River Song (2008-2013)

Portrayed by Alex Kingston, River was a loud mouth, sassy woman who sometimes you hated and sometimes you loved. She also turned out to be Amy and Rory's daughter but that's not go into that complicated thing.

Clara Oswald (2013- present)

Ah Clara, she has caused a few stirs with Whovians since coming into our lives in series 7. She has been a companion to both 11 and 12, who she is with now. Played by Jenna Coleman, she is a very complicated and weird character as she keeps on popping up in different time periods then dying then popping back up again. Confusing but I like her!

But what makes me its fan girl?

The fans, aka Whovians, are one of the best fandoms to be in. Everyone is so nice and lots of people dress in costumes of their favourite Doctor, companion, baddies and even the TARDIS.
Some of my DW possessions are:
  • a top,
  • figurines,
  • a Dalek key ring,
  • a calendar,
  • a necklace,
  • a fez,
  • a sonic screwdriver, 
  • a couple of books.
All my things to do with
Doctor Whoo-eee-ooooooo
So here is to you: Eccleston, Tennant, Smith and Capaldi!

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(This is suppose to look like the TARDIS)

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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