Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it isn’t there…

This post will be focusing on something that I have experienced and what other people may have experienced too. Bullying but focusing on what it does to your mind.

NOTE: I am not an expert, I am basing this on my own experiences. If you are suffering from bullying talk to someone or please go and see a doctor if you think you are suffering from depression due to it! It does help!

To start this I am going to tell you something. I am not saying this to gain sympathy or attention but to make people aware of what bullying, both physically and mentally, does to people, especially young people. I didn’t want to live anymore when I was younger. It is as simple and tragic as that. I hated my life. My family was falling apart. I was becoming distant with my friends because I just didn’t want to leave the house.

I was bullied a lot at school and at home. I didn’t know how to cope with it as I hadn’t experienced the nastiness of humans to that extent before. I won’t go into too much detail because I have written a post about my bullying experience before but the mental impact it had on me and the way I looked at life was intense.
The worst bully of them all was one of my older brothers. The impact he had on me for most of my teenage years was incredible but absolutely stupid of me in hindsight. I let him call me names. I let him get a reaction out of me. I let him make me feel like a worthless human being.
Mental bullying is just as bad as physical bullying. You can hit someone, leaving bruises and scars over their body. They heal. Don't get me wrong, both are as bad as each other and people who bully sicken me. But the scar left mentally never goes away. For me, anyway. I remember words and actions etc of what the bullies did. And I will mostly likely never forget that. But that wont stop me from being me and wanting to achieve out of life. It will encourage me and it should encourage you.
A lot of people, especially young people, mentally feel like their life isn't worth living anymore and I was one of them. But the thing is, it is. Your life is worth living without a shadow of a doubt.

Know that you are not alone, you are never ever ever ever alone! There are people who care about and love you for you. Don’t change yourself to fit in with a crowd or society. Does it really matter how big or small you are, what you like and don't like, what colour your hair is or how you dress. No, no it doesn’t. As long as you are happy and healthy, you don’t need to concern yourself with those people who put you down. Focus on you, your family and friends, not the people don’t deserve your attention.
Like I said in the introduction, if you are being bullied whether it is mentally, physically or both then tell someone, please. I cannot stress this enough. Don't keep all of those feelings locked up inside because one day you will just explode (not literally) and you may do something you later on regret.  Talk to a friend, family member, colleague, teacher or someone you trust. Just don't sit there in silence.

Be yourself. If people don't like you for being you then it is their loss. Don't change yourself. Don't lie or pretend you are someone you are not or don't want to be, it is a waste of your time and energy. Be a book lover, a film buff, a geek/nerd, a fashionista, a science lover, be who you want to be, not who your peers want you to be. There is a HUGE difference.

Smile and be happy. That is the best way to show the bullies you don't care what they think. Don't show them that you are hurting about the things they say. It is hard to get over that but if you surround yourself with people who love you for you then you will find yourself becoming much happier in life.

Do not give the bullies the satisfaction. Don't yell back at them, don't give them a reaction. That is what they want. I know it is hard but once you overcome the first time of ignoring them, you realise how pathetic they are bullying you and it becomes a little bit easier to brush them off. This wont happen over night and you do have to be strong willed but you are and you can. 
I do hope this has helped, like I said I am not an expert, but if it didn't then know that you are strong enough to get through this.

-If, by case, my older brother is reading this blog post and is up to here then I just want to say thank you. Thank you for showing me your true colours. Thank you for showing me that humans can be horrible, pathetic creatures that deserve nothing. Thank you for making me stronger. Thank you for making me want to be me even more. Have a nice life without me because you don’t deserve me as a friend or as a sister so catch you later-

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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