Love your life, love your body!

In todays society, body image seems to be the main thing now. The media portrays women to be thin, model like who has the perfect beach body, perfect hair, perfect skin and the perfect life.

Me, like many, were drawn in to think that this is what I had to do to become happy with myself and to be accepted in society.
I vary in sizes 16-20 because I have huge breasts and a tummy and I thought that to be happy, I needed to be a size 10. I don't. And neither do you.  As long as you are healthy and happy in life then it shouldn't matter what you look like. Sometimes I used to eat nothing a day or eat very little food because I thought that this would make me thinner. You shouldn't feel embarrassed if you have stretch marks or a tummy or big thighs or huge breasts and what not. Only you can change the way you look but don't feel like you have to (unless a doctor etc tells you due to health reasons etc).

I used to look in the mirror and say out loud the things I like about my body and things I hates and 100% of the time the hate list was longer than the like one. All of my friends are thin and I was jealous how they looked. I admit, I was envious of them a lot of the time during my teenage years. I wanted to be like them.

Now, I look at them and see how happy they are and think why cant I be like that with the way I am. The secret is that I can. I can be happy. All of the negative thoughts I have/had were holding me back to become a shy, timid, self conscious girl who should be out there being adventurous.

If you feel like you are alone then don't. I bet everyone on this planet has had or is experiencing body issues, even if they hide it really well. But they shouldn't, no one should have no body confidence. You were brought into this weird world not to loathe they way you look but to embrace life and to live it, as cliché as that sounds. Everyone is facing their battles but if we are so body conscious then we aren't going to get anywhere. We will be focusing so much on that and missing out on all of the chances and experience we can gain in life.

Your body image shouldn't hold you back from life. If you like someone, tell them and if they don't like you then its ok to be sad. But if they don't want to date you because of your image then their loss. They don't deserve you as a partner if they do. Move on from them. There is no point in wasting your time wondering what could have been, if they don't accept you for you then they don't deserve your energy.

 Also the girl who you called fat or ugly is hurting and most likely self conscious because of it. Words can hurt people deeply and make them feel even worse about the way they look so just stop. The next time you feel like you are going to take the mick out of someone because of their appearance then stop and think, would you like it if that happened to you or your loved one? No, no you wouldn't like it. So what gives you the right to think that you can do it to someone else. It doesn't.  
No matter how they look or how much they may weigh, everyone has beauty.

That is it. You are fine the way you are. Don't change yourself to please and fit in with society. Be yourself and be your own kind of beauty.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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