Primark buys so far of 2015

This post will be on a certain high street shop I love, Primark.

NOTE: There are quite a few items in this but I have NOT been paid to write this, I simply just want to show you what items I have bought recently from the shop.

Anyway, I adore this store because 1) its cheap, you can find a bargain and 2) they do some really pretty and cool clothing, shoes, accessories, pjs, lingerie, beauty and home items at great, affordable prices. Love it or hate it, we all have something in our homes or wardrobe that is from here.

So let us explore the fashion world of Primark...


Summer is coming

The first item from Primark is this colourful top for the hot (hopefully) season. The colours (blue, purple, orange, black and yellow) and the hippy pattern just screams summer festivals! The sleeves can be either worn on the shoulder or hang off with the straps doing the same.

It is see through and goes just the hips but paired with light blue jeans or a skirt, sandals and a floppy hat, you are set for summer with this little number, costing £6!

Flower power

Next up is shirt that will brighten up your life. The bold, colourful flower print long sleeved shirt is perfect for work. The long sleeves and just covering your bottom, the material is light and soft so it doesn't feel like you have it on. The only thing with this is that it is quite tight depending on the size you buy, I had to go and change it for the next size up. However, for £10 you cannot go wrong with this.

There are other patterns available to buy as well.


Rocking in black

This has to be one of my favourites, I love black clothing. But this top is so light and floaty, it is perfect for summer. Coming in at £6, it is elasticated at the top and comes down to your hips again. It is perfect for just putting on and relaxing in. You can wear it off the shoulder(s) or just on your shoulders but either way it is again perfect for the festival season that is coming up.


Suited and booted

Personally, I have needed a jacket that is suitable for work and job interviews etc so when I saw this one, I thought it was great and what I need. For £15, this black jacket is simple and effective. Its long sleeves and pockets are great if you want to look smart and presentable for an interview etc.

There are other colours and styles of jackets available in store.


Summer vest vibes

Coming up now is two vest tops of similar styles. Both costing £4, these are great for work, shopping in, going out (for a meal or to a club/pub etc). The thin straps do mean that you have to wear a strapless or thin strap bra but the material is light and soft. The one with the pattern on is pink flowers and greeny butterflies on, which just gives off summery vibes. The pale pink one is also perfect for the up and coming hot season. The are both great value for money.

NOTE: The pattern on has adjustable straps, the plain pale one does not!


Printed trousers

Patterned trousers seem to be very in trend at the moment and this item is definitely one of my favourite ones I have seen anywhere. Normally I don't like printed bottoms, I find most of them are over the top or the pattern is horrible. However, everything has changed as I officially love these £8 blue/black/white trousers. They are soo comfortable to wear and again so light, they are perfect to just chill in. They are elasticated at the top, which also has string to tie around your waist, and at the bottom. Primark has definitely converted me into a patterned trouser lover!


The Dark Knight

I love Batman. Anything Dark Knight related I automatically will love so it was clear when I saw this vest in store I was going to buy it. The writing: "I am Batman" is clearly seen and half of his mask at the bottom of the vest. It just goes down to your hips so if you are tummy conscience then high waist jeans are recommend. For £6, you can be the hero Gotham wants you to be.

(I am sorry, I couldn't resist putting in that quotation from the film)


Minions Assemble!

For those who know me personally then they will tell you how obsessed I am with all things minions. From the film franchise, Despicable Me, this onesie is the best thing ever. I am in love with it! Found in the men's section of the store, this minion onesie cost me £15, which is kind of expensive but so worth it. Made with soft material, the onesie has two pockets and a hood with has a face and actual sticky out eyes, which I think is amazing! You actually feel like you should be in the film.

Other onesie styles are available in both men's and women's sections of the store.


NOTE: All of the items, expect for the onesie, comes in sizes: 8-20. The minion onesie comes in: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.


Moving on from clothing to shoes!

Black flats

Like clothing, I love black shoes. These flat shows costing me £4 are great just to slip on if I need to go anywhere. They are comfortable and plain, which is great if you just want simple yet stylish shoes to complete any outfit.


Shiny shoes
I adore these shoes. Although my feet look huge in them, these £10 shoes are great with a pair of tights or just straight on your feet. I love the detail on the front and the strap around the front, they are just stylish and fabulous.



Starting with bags...

Blue clutch

I adore this bag. It is big so you can fit in everything you need on a night out. The colour is so pretty, a pale blue. Inside this £8 bag there is a zipped pocket which is perfect for keeping little items in and a chain if you don't want to carry it.

From what I can remember, there is a black and a yellow one available as well.


Over the shoulders
The last bag on the post is this brown on/over the shoulders bag which I absolutely love! The small detail, found on both the front and back, and the adjustable strap, it is perfect for the summer season. Costing £8, it is great to put in bits and bobs for when you go out. There are two pockets, one with a zip, inside and it is quite big so the essentials can be put in. 

The bag also comes in black!

Silver Necklace

The next item in this post goes to a necklace that is simple yet so stylish. The silver two coined necklace goes with pretty much anything. The simple pattern design on both coins and the adjustable chain, it cost me £1.50 which is a bargain price in my eyes. I also have the gold version of the necklace. This time there is a horse and a girl on the two coins. Both necklaces are simple and stylish, perfect to finish any outfit off.

The silver necklace:


The gold necklace:

London's calling (again)

The final accessory, well accessorises, I bought was two sets of earrings, both with six pairs of earrings. I go to the UK's capital city every year so when I saw these London inspired earrings I had to buy them. From stereotypical British things such as a teapot and a crown (on both sets) to London related pairs: big ben (on both again), soldiers and red buses, the sets are so cute and well, very British.
I cannot remember which set but one of them only cost me £1, but the original price is a bargain in my eyes.


This section is going to be short and sweet. A few posts ago, I did a review on some items in Primark's P.S make up range. They included these lipstick/gloss, mascara and liquid eyeliner. All of the products were great value for money and so easy to apply. Definitely recommend them all.

To read the review post, click here.

Mascara- £1
Lip gloss/stick- £2
Liquid Eyeliner- £1
Other colours available in all.


Final section of the post.

For your laundry

I have been needing a laundry basket for soooo long now. Usually I just throw my clothes on the floor and gather them to put in the washing machine.

However, that has all changed when I bought this £3 laundry hamper. My bedroom is pale pink and I have floral, vintage things so the pattern fits in perfectly with my room. The pale pink background with the big pink flowers is so pretty. It has a slit at the top that you use to put your clothing in and two handles at the side to take to your machine. It is so simple and easy!
It fastens with two beads and when you take the string off them, it just pops up. You don't need to do anything. No pulling, no putting it into place. Nothing. You do have to hold it down to fasten it back up but for the price you pay, you definitely cannot go wrong with the product.


Hedgehogs rule!

Again, I have been needing new bedding sets for a while now. Costing £10, this hedgehog design is so adorable, it was hard for me not to buy it. The cream background, pale pink spots and white with the mammal grey/white, it comes in single, double and king size (price does increase depending on what size bedding you need).

Other patterns and styles available in store.

Birds on a cushion

I am not going to lie, I do need to stop  buying cushions for my room. However, I could not resist buying this one. I love love love bird print and this little square cushion is just so pretty and vintage, so fits in perfectly with my room. Costing £3 (I think), there is two bird (a bluey/greeny one and a cream one), a grey birdcage and pink/purple flowers on either side of the cage. The stitching and the lace on around the sides

Live, laugh, love

All over my bedroom walls, I have posters, photographs and signs on them. This £1.50 sign is the final product in the post and it is one of my favourite products in it. What is written on the sign, is a great saying to go by in life and reminds me to be happy, as cheesy as that sounds. The white frame and the grey writing on the beige coloured background is simple yet your eye is drawn to it. Definitely three key L words to live by.

There are other signs and bits and bobs for your home walls available to buy.

Well there you have it! My recent Primark buys so far this year. Who knows what else I will buy in that shops.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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