Top three female characters (TV)

We have had my three fave male ones and now it is time for some girl power, with my top three favourite tv show female characters.

Like the other post stated, I have a lot of favourite characters [I watch so much tv, it is bad] but these females are badass and I love them so much!

So here are my three favourite kickass women on the telly...

Molly, Sherlock

Ahhhh Sherlock, what a tv show [minus the fourth series, I ain't even going there] and the programme has pulled out some absolute treasures in terms of characters. However, Molly is my favourite and this is for two reasons. 1) I related to her awkwardness so much, like she is me and I am her. 2) I love how she is vulnerable but also takes no crap from anyone. Played by Louise Brealey, Molly clearly fancies Sherlock [who wouldn't though], though he is a douche to her sometimes, and even though she tries to play it cool, she is always there for him. She is there for anyone.
We all need a Moly in our life.

Stella Gibson, The Fall
Ahhhhh Stella, Stella, Stella, you are one sassy woman and I love you.
From BBC Two's The Fall, Stella Gibson is such a badass and she takes zero prisoners when it comes to catching Paul Spector, the serial killer who she is determine to catch, or anyone for that matter. Played by Gillian Anderson, I love seeing how Gibson breaks the rules in the hunt for Spector whilst also bringing a bit of female power!
She is such a feminist and a badass and I love her so much!

Morgana, Merlin
Of course Merlin was going to get featured in this, there is just no escaping my fave!
Morgana is my favourite female character in the show and just in general really [along with Merlin of course, my baby].
In the first two series, she is all sweet and innocent but then BOOM, the third series comes along and she hits you with some sass and a lot of evil smirks! I mean, let us face it, was it really a Merlin episode if Morgana didn't do a little smirk? The answer is no.
Well there you go, my top three favourite female characters from the telly!
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  1. I'm so late to the Sherlock party.. I only started watching it now! I'm on the first ep of season 4.. is this season not good then? I do love Molly she's such a great character and she's so fiercely loyal!


    1. I love Sherlock but the fourth series let it down in my opinion. But some people loved it so you might enjoy it! x


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