Hello, my name is Caroline

Over this past week or so, I have been looking back at how far I have come as a person and how I have changed since being a wee little 11 year old, starting secondary school to the 22 year old woman I am now.

Like most people on this planet, I have been through mostly crappy times during my time on Earth but these past seven days have made me realise that hello, my name is Caroline and I am proud of who I am.

So this is me, brown haired, blue eyed me...

  • I am a crazy fangirl who obsesses over Merlin, Colin Morgan, Doctor Who, Sherlock, You Me At Six and so many more.
  • I am addicted to sweet potato fries and I am 1000000000000000% ok with that.
  • I am the girl who pissed herself laughing because I thought there was a burglar in my house, there wasn't but me and my friend just had a right old laugh that I will remember for as long as I live.
  • I have still have the first ever toy I received, a pink teddy bear called Apple Juice, and a tiny koala bear called Four and I want to be buried with them because they were there for me during my darkest times.
  • I get stressed over the stupidest of things and think I am a failure when I don't get things right or do good. I am still learning and that is ok.
  • I am the girl who has to have everything in its place, alphabetically, but also have her bedroom in an 'organised' mess.
  • I was sick in the cinema like 10 minutes before Benedict Cumberbatch was about to appear during the film 2011 War Horse.
  • I am the girl that is always early for things and hate being late for anything and hates it when people are late [unless they have a valid reason].
  • I wear a size 16/18/20 on the top because I am an a F cup in my bra size, who wears a size 16 on the bottom and size 14 on the waist and I own it.
  • I am the girl who cannot for the life of her talk to a guy she likes... Somebody please help me!
  • I will forever love, obsess and cry over a tv show that ended in 2012 because Merlin was an escapism for me and I will forever be grateful to have it in my life.
  • I was the girl who was bullied at school and at home but that will not define me no more.

I am a lot of things.
However, I am me and I am proud of that fact.

And if you don't like me then that's your problem, I couldn't care less, bye bye!

Well, there you go!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. Caroline this was such a gorgeous post! I absolutely love learaning more about you, you're so wonderful girl! Own it! xx

    1. Aww thank you so much, happy you liked the post! x

  2. Beautiful post, Caz!!!
    You're great just the way you are.

    xo, B.
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