That’s pinny cute

Sorry about the very bad pun in the title (get it, pinny instead of very?!) Anyway… Looking around Primark and I found this perfectly adorable denim pinafore dress. I am in love with this style of dress, it is so cute and very vintagey so for £12, this dress is mine!

Due to fact I am so in love with it (if you hadn’t of guessed already), I will show you four outfits featuring different tops/shirts that I think look super cute and stylish with the pinafore.

So here is ‘That’s pinny cute’…

Outfit 1

Turtle Neck: Primark, £8 (I think)
In my opinion you can't really go wrong with denim and a turtle neck.
Giving off an 60s vibe, this outfit is so simple yet so effective. If you pair it with hooped earrings or a bold gold necklace, it definitely is a blast from the past!
Outfit 2

Plain White Tee: Primark, £3

Who doesn’t have a plain white tee in their wardrobe?!
When summer comes along again, this outfit is great for those sunny days (well, if we get any). Matched with tan accessories (bag and shoes), you can’t go wrong with this really!
Outfit 3

Cream lace shirt: Primark, £10

I am in love with anything that has lace in it. Lace is one of my favourite materials (it is so pretty and delicate) and seeing this bargain shirt in Primark, well I had to purchase it. This outfit is definitely one of my favourite, it just screams vintage!
Outfit 4

White Collarless shirt: Primark, £10

Matched with the white collarless shirt, the pinafore looks super adorable don’t you think?! The delicate detail of the shirt matched with the softness of the denim, I feel like a doll in this… But in a good way!
Well there you have it, an adorable pinafore dress in four different and stylish outfits!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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