Happy New Year, Happy 30th Birthday Colin Morgan

First things first... HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Can you believe it is the first of January already?!

But for me, the 1st doesn't represent new years day, no. I celebrate a man's birthday who I love dearly and who has helped me through tough times. He doesn't know me but I admire him so much!


With the birthday boy!

On 1st January 1986, irish actor Colin Morgan was born in Amragh, Northern Ireland.

From 2007/8, I have been a huge (boarderline obsessive) over him! To celebrate his birthday, here are 30 reasons why I (and you should) love Colin!

Here is 'Happy New Year, Happy 30th Birthday Colin Morgan'...

1 He played Merlin in the internationally successful BBC One drama Merlin. This show is my favourite TV programme ever for many reasons. The main is that it bought me Colin. His performances both on and off the screen were spot on and I genuinely am so thankful for this show! My young warlock has certainly grown up.

2 He's a fangirl. Well, fanboy! He loves the band Death Cab for Cutie and David Attenborough.

3 He doesn't let fame go to his head.

My Colin collection
4 He is a veggie like me!!!
5 He's Irish... I love the Irish accent (it is the best thing ever)
6 He is so funny. The Merlin diaries are some of the most funny things I have ever seen, please watch them!

7 He pulls really weird faces. Yep, he does. Type in Colin Morgan  Funny faces into Google, there are some real good ones in there!
8 He can actually act!
9 He is adorable. When he smiles, it creates little dimples and they are so adorable aww!
10 He does a lot for charity
In a land of myth and a time of magic..
 11 Colin loves nature, his hero is Sir David Attenborough who presents a lot on the natural world.
12 After a  lot of knock backs, he didn't give up on his dream of being an actor!

13 If you haven't seen him in Channel 4's Humans, you have to!
14 He still looks hot when he is wearing pink (not many men can pull off this colour)
15 His hair was made in heaven... Oh that fluff

Wearing my top for him today!
16 Doesn't take himself too seriously. Like I said, he is such a down to earth guy who is funny and lovable.
17 Passionate about acting. You can tell he is with the way he acts, with such passion and I think it really shines through when you watch him.
18 Talented. He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will hit right in the feels and make you emotionally unstable forever because you are still not over that Merlin ending and never ever will be. And breath.
19 His face was carved by angels
20 Colin doesn't have any social media accounts which I love because it makes me love him even more!
21 Thank you Bradley James for showing us Merlin fans (and Colin) because you two are so cute when you performed You're the Voice by John Farnham.  
22 He plays the Irish drums which I find insanely cool!
23 That jawbone. You can cut yourself on that jawbone, I tell you!
24 Those cheekbones. Again, the same with them cheekbones!
25 That face. Such a handsome man to be honest.
26 He communicates with his fans, if they see him in person, Colin will sign things and take photos with you. I WILL MEET HIM ONE DAY!!!
27 That stubble on that jawbone.
My Merlin top!

28 His fans are so nice and supportive of him and talk to you about how much they love him!
29 Who doesn't love a man with lovely bright blue eyes?!
30 He is one of the most talented, handsome, special human beings on the planet and I love him so much!
Well there you have it, 30 reasons why you should love Colin Morgan.

Well there you have it! My love is growing up!
Have a fab New Year's Day and a awesome 2016!!!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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