Homemade Tote Bag

We have had my bake of the month and now it is time for my make of the month... I will show you how to create your very own tote bag!

From whatever print and colour you want, this is such a fun craft that the end result is so cool and funky.

I made this yesterday for my friend's 21st birthday presents as its her birthday this month! I thought it was a lovely gift to give to someone as it is homemade and it is unique to them.

Although it took me about 3 hours ish to make, it was actually straight forward to make therefore there are 6 easy steps for you to follow to make your own! Get your needles and fabric ready!

So here is 'Homemade Tote Bag'...

What you will need:
1 metre of two different material (one for the outside of the tote bag, for inside-the lining- and the two straps)
Thread to match your pattern
Sewing machine or needle and thread.
So what to do now?
1. Take your pattern material (the fabric that will be on the outside and showing) and make sure that it is inside out. Next take your lining fabric and cover that over the other. Now draw 40cm by 40cm (this includes the seam allowance). Cut out this square creating the base of your bag.
There should be extra material in both which we will use for the straps so don't bin it.
You are now ready to start sewing!
2. Sew around three of the bag's sides, leaving one untouched. Turn right side out to make sure you are happy with it and that it actually looks like a bag without straps hahaha!
This is what it should look like after step 2!
3. At the side where you haven't sew on then on both sides sew along the top line, making sure you don't join the two sides together otherwise you wouldn't be able to get into the tote! Cut off any extra material then put it aside for later.
4. Moving onto the straps! Cut 57cm by 16cm of the extra material, inside out again. On the 16cm side cut in half (8cm) and now you have your two straps yey!
Take one and fold in half, pinning as you go along. Do this for the other strap and once you have just go down it making sure it is roughly 4cm along and then sew them!
Turn both of them right side out (or at least try to as it is difficult), creating to straps for your tote.
Left: the 8cm strap. Right: the left folded in half creating a 4cm
5. Now to sew the straps to the bag. Turn the bag inside out if you haven't done so already and at the top from the outer sides, measure out 6cm inwards, drawing a line down to mark it.
Take one of your straps and place it on the line and this is where you are going to sew them!
Do this on both sides so you should have four lines marking 6cm away from the bag edge.
Just before you sew them on, from the line draw 3cms downwards. This is how far the strap is going to be sew down.
Once you have done this four times, you are ready to sew on your straps! Again make sure you separate both the sides so you don't sew you bag shut!
See picture below to see how I have sew on the straps.
The blue line marking out 6cm from the outer edge and 3cm down.

How I have sew on the straps. A square then a cross through.
Just makes it more secure! 
6. Turn right side out and you have yourself your very own tote bag!
Here is mine:

And there you have it, your very own tote bag made with love! If you make one then please send me a photo or tag me in one, I would love to see your totes!
What a lovely gift for someone or for yourself! Happy crafting!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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