A nice zesty smell

My friend is an Avon representative and well, that means one thing and one thing only... Me spending money on their products!
One purchase I did make is this zest lemon diffuser. Since I am redecorating my bedroom, I thought I would buy it to use it when I finished decorating to make my room smelling lovely and fresh and not smell of paint!

So here is 'Avon Zesty Diffuser review'...

For £5, this is one of the nicest thing I have ever smelt. I love candles (I have around 20 and I never use them because I like to smell them) and well, this diffuser is no exception.
First of all, how cool is the packaging. I know, I am weird but it just made me really excited to try the product as it looks fresh and light with the blue and white box.
Simple yet effective, don't you think?

After reading the instructions -which are common sense really but I read them anyway just in case- it was time to try it out and oh god, I am in love with it!
I'm not going to lie, I thought it might be a bit strong smelling but I was so wrong! The lemony scent I smell every time I walk into my room is to die for. It is so light and refreshing, perfect for the summery season.

Well there you have it! A sweet smelling review of a zesty diffuser!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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