Yesterday I graduated my foundation degree at university. I was so nervous but super duper excited about the event, it was slightly concerning ha! Mainly because this is my first ever one, that those two years were worth it and the fact I get two this year (the other being in July for my BA course I am currently studying now).

So I thought I would share the most amazing day with you all, in the hope that this will give you the confidence it gave me to achieve whatever you want out of life.

And in 3,2,1...
Note that this will be mainly photograph based but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do - maybe even bringing back memories from your graduation!


All ready for the graduation ceremony

How cool is the cap and gown?!

Before you may ask (because plenty have already)
my dress is from Cath Kidston and I bought it in the
sale a couple of weeks ago!

Have a stereotypical throw your cap in the air photo

All of us with our certificates!

A proud moment
Well there you go, a short post today but one that will remind me of a time when I was proud and confidence because that goes a long way.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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