Pimms and Needles, Life Drawing

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been really busy but I am back with a post about a night that was great fun!

On Wednesday, it was the time to got to my monthly independent women's group Pimms and Needles.

After having a lot of fun making wreaths for Christmas and learning how to dance Lindy Hop, to kick off our 2016 meetings there was something, well, interesting in store for us ladies. A life drawing class...

What a weird night haha 
Yep, not one but two naked men in the hall and we had to draw them... Butt naked. (I told you it was interesting)

So here is 'Pimms and Needles, Life Drawing'...
Note: there is one image that has butt in so you have been warned!

Thank you to all who organised this and who baked delicious cakes, it was a good laugh to say the least!
Ok so first we got introduced to what the night will bring whilst I was awkwardly laughing in the corner at the fact that a man will be doing silly posing whilst I had to try and draw him. Just a normal night out clearly(!) Then we got introduced to our models- I wont name them because I don't know if they will be ok with me doing that for privacy purposes if you get me!

I was so (not) ready for the night haha
Information if you want to have a go!
Then we separated into two groups and well, let the drawing commence! First we had about 1 minute to draw a quick sketch of our male model (who can I just say was lovely and I admire him for being really cool and completely not bothered at the fact there was about 35 women looking at him). We used everything from wax, pen, charcoal and chalk to create our masterpieces!
A quick break to eat some cake and drink some tea then it was a swap over to the other male model to sketch him!

Those 2 hours went so fast. From the giggles to laughter to banter, it was such a fun night! One activity I can tick off my  bucket list!
Of course you have to post a butt picture haha!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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