The Pluto Memoirs

A new blog series alert!! I know, I know, I have created two new monthly series on Call Me Caz this year and you are probably thinking 'not another one???' but this one is rather important.

The Pluto Memoirs is a series dedicated to my Daddy David. He used to tell me how much he loved reading my blog and since Call Me Caz now is dedicated to him, I wanted to create something specifically for him as even though he isn't with me anymore, I know he is still reading my little space on the internet.

I think, personally, it is also a nice way for me to remember him by, remembering all the precious memories I shared with him, as even though they're few of them, I will cherish those forever.

Here's a little introduction to The Pluto Memoirs...

What is the series about?
This series will focus a specific thing that reminds me of my dad and that I have fond memories of with him with that said thing. It will be different each post, so it can be a particular food that reminds me of him, a game that we used to play, or something we used to do together to spend father-daughter time. It can be anything. I will write about some of the memories I have surrounding the said thing.
Why is it called The Pluto Memoirs?
I thought long and hard about what to call this series. Since it is so special and personal to my dad and I, I wanted to name it something that connected us. We used to say "I love you to Pluto and back" when we saw each other and that is something that always gave me hope for our relationship [it was a rocky one]. Memoirs because it is me writing about my memories with my dad and those he has with me, thus The Pluto Memoirs was created.
What's the post style going to be?
Another thing I was struggling to decide on, the post style. I thought bullet points, but then it would be too crowded, same if I just wrote it out like a normal post. However, I came up with doing a bullet point style thing but not actually using the bullet points. Instead, "..." will separate each memory, it'll be located underneath each on a separate line on its own, with the next memory underneath that, like a divider.
This will be one memory
... [This is the bullet point divider thing]
This will be another
It'll hopefully make sense once I have the first post up, if it doesn't already.
Each memory will probably vary in size, some will be vague, some will be detailed but memories nonetheless.
And I think that is practically it. I am so happy to have created this and cannot wait to get my posts published. Hope you enjoy The Pluto Memoirs, Dad, this one is for you!
Until next time

All photographs are my own


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