An overdue blog post

Hello! Hey! Hi! It is me again! Miss me? Well, I missed you! This year has been rather busy and a rollercoaster for sure, however, I am back blogging and it feels sooooooooooo gooooooood.

Due to the fact there hasn't been a post published on Call Me Caz for a little over a week, I thought I would write a catch up style post, highlighting what's been going on and what's the future for my little space on the internet. It'll be a chatty post, with me probably waffling on, but it's nice to reflect on life at the moment.

So get ready for this long overdue blog post, oops...

Tuesday 3rd April marked my dad's birthday this year and nothing can prepare you for it. The first of things, like birthdays, Christmas, Easter, kills you inside as they aren't there to celebrate it. On his special day, we collected his ashes and it was such a weird feeling. Knowing that my dad was in peace and not in pain anymore but now his life is in a tube and that's him now. It's weird. However, my brother and I are going to go on a trip to Scarborough to scatter some of them as we both have fond memories with Dad in this seaside town! That'll be nice I guess.
I've been trying to sort out my life recently. From working out what the hell I am doing with it and looking at jobs/degrees, to getting rid of pointless crap I have kept over the years and just de-cleansing my life and what I have, it's been stressful but a great way to just let go of things and have a clutter free space [and mind].
After a little wobble a couple of weeks ago, I've been staying at Ryan's recently. Since he lives in Durham and I live near Boro, it's hard to find time to see each other, with us both relying on FaceTime to actually talk to one another, instead of texting. It's lovely just to chill at his [he lives in a house with his adorable dog, Misty], and play some video games, watch films, tidy his house, have a walk around Durham, and to actually spend quality time together. Things are also looking up as now Ryan has a job, we have a few things planned and we've got my brother's wedding coming up in June so that'll be nice to get all dressed up.
Who knew house/flat searching could be so hard but yet so fun!? I didn't but I'm glad I do now. With my Dad's inheritance, I don't want to waste it and spend it on rubbish I don't need. I have plenty already [why am I such a hoarder]. I want to spend it on things like driving lessons and maybe getting my own place, or to start saving that and my wages. However, I am so excited to finally [hopefully] find a place of my own and to decorate it and to just escape in a place I feel free and comfortable in. I hate living at home so much haha
With regards to Call Me Caz, I have hated not being able to blog. Like I said in previous posts, I was thinking about stopping but since my dad loved reading my blog, I am here for him. Plus, I will miss it if the time ever comes around where I feel like I do want to stop or have to. But, for now, I am hoping to get back on it and to post like I did before [on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday]. Let's be having ya, Call Me Caz!!
I think that is it really! Exciting and scary times ahead but I cannot wait!
Until next time

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  1. Doesn't it feel good to have written and when a post goes online? I love that feeling that comes with hitting the 'publish' button. Nice to see your work!

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thank you so much, it is good to be back! x


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