Reasons to smile in April

Time for my monthly blog series that shares five things I have smiled about in that month. April has been a mixture of emotions. The 3rd marked my dad's 64th birthday and the first birthday he isn't here to celebrate. I've been on very strong antibiotics so I've just been out of it recently. This month also saw Ryan and I's first argument, which was not pleasant at all.

However, amongst all of that, April has had it's good points too so here I am, about to share them with you lovely lot! Get ready for some Lego building, a teapot that makes your wishes [kinda] come true and an eye shadow that I am living for at the moment, amongst two other things.

So here are my five reasons I smiled in April...

Lego London
This is a bittersweet reason. The bitter being this was the last present I got off my dad, for Christmas. The sweet as I absolutely love it and will cherish this forever. I often go to London for a lil' holiday with my mum and my nanna, we haven't been in a while though. My dad knew how much I love this capital city so bought me this Lego Architecture kit of London's skyline. At 10pm on his birthday, I decided to build this and two hours later, it was done and looking amazing! I just love it so much.
Bedroom makeover
Due to the fact I am 23 now and finally have a boyfriend [go me], I am planning on getting a double bed for my room. I've always had a single [sometimes a bunk bed] but it's about time I got myself a bigger bed anyway, not just because I am sick of sleeping on the floor when Ryan is over. Because of this, I have had a bedroom makeover and I am so pleased with it. I won't go too much into detail as I published a separate post for it, but my room looks funky as!
Aladdin teapot
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how Primark have been nailing it with their Disney range. From their must have Beauty and the Beast collection to their adorable Aristocats' Marie range, Primark have recently released their latest Disney products, all about Aladdin. From a genie face cushion and a blue genie lamp money box to a fabulous duvet set and many more, there was one product in particular that I loved! Introducing this awesome £10 genie lamp teapot. It's a genie lamp, and a teapot, like what more could you want, yes Primark yes.
Mustard eye shadow
Mustard is love, mustard is life. I adore this colour, whether it is on clothing, on furniture, on a wall, I adore it! I picked up another Makeup Revolution eye shadow palette [not obsessed at all...] and urgh, I am living for this colour. How stunning is it though, and it is really pigmented [even better] and just brings a pop of colour to ya makeup.
Since dating Ryan, I have been going to Durham a lot. Before him, I hadn't visited this wonderful city but thank god I have now! I love Durham for a number of reasons. Of course, Ryan lives there, but it is such a lovely place to explore, has quite a few shops, lovely churches around [main picture], the Cathedral is stunning, and you get views like that [picture above] from the train station. How beautifully splendid!
And there we go, there was a lot to smile about in April for sure!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. I love your bedroom makeover and what you've done with the space xx


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