Not another bedroom makeover

Over the past couple of days, I have been a busy bee and have had a bit of a bedroom makeover. I am currently looking to get a double bed for my room as it's about time I did, so been moving furniture and throwing things out, I am such a hoarder oops!

Because I am sooooo happy with how my little move around turned out like, I'm going to share photos with you all of my fabulous room and what has changed. It'll be mainly photo based this post, but I will include caption style text underneath the pics just to explain them!

Feast your eyes on my latest bedroom change...

Starting with my bed area as this is the reason why I decided to do this lil' makeover. With me still having a single bed, I still had my pretty vintage bedside table next to it. However that has changed now, as you will soon find out why, so now my lamp is on my flowery plant pot, instead of my bedside table, and I'm using one of my dollhouses as a temporarily table.

Now for my wardrobe. This is where the real change has happened. Now, before all of this moving around, my wardrobe was full of clothes [shock, horror] but that is no more as I've condensed my clothes down and put in that said pretty vintage bedside table. I can finally say I have a little dressing area, with my Grandma's beautiful mirror taking pride of place! My necklaces are daggling from a spare coat hanger and my other dollhouse is tucked away under my tops and coats!

And there we go! I am so pleased with how it's turned out, considering it was a spontaneous decision I made on night. 
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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