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Blogger of the Month time and I am so happy with how this series is going so far. I created this monthly series to spread a little blogger love and positivity in the blogging community.

It's time for April's Blogger and ooooooo, I absolutely love this blogger. A recap of what this post is going to include. I will give three reasons why they are my Blogger of the Month, include all of their social media links for you to follow and my favourite thing about it? The blogger doesn't know about this until I share it on social media!

So on with April's Blogger of the Month...

Reasons why Amy is my Blogger of the Month...
  1. Her blog is stylish, simple to navigate and easy to read. She's posts a range of things but I personally love reading her lifestyle posts as she is so open and real in them. From her 'I'm a bride to be but mostly I'm Amy' to 'Why do we find it easier to self-deprecate than self-cheerlead?' and 'The Underrated Quality of being nice', Amy's writing is flawless and makes you want to read more posts on her blog that you can easily spend a couple of hours on Call Me Amy.
  2. Moving onto her photographs, oooh her photos on her blog and Instagram are just stunning. Amy even created a hashtag, #thesehappysquares, for everyone to share their photos, how lovely! Hers are always high quality, always fabulous, and I always love seeing photos of her plants like damn, how does she still have plants living, like give me tips Amy, please! I also adore watching her Instagram Stories, especially her current room tours, as can I have your house too, it's sooooo stunning!
  3. Amy is one of those people who isn't just passionate about blogging [and it shows] but one who you can have a chat with and will reply to tweets and Instagram comments. She is not just a fabulous blogger but a lovely lady too!
And there we have it, another Blogger of the Month ticked off!
Oh happy days!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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