Reasons to Smile in March

Back on the monthly blogging series now, after missing out February, and it's the turn of my Reasons to Smile series. Every month, I will be sharing five things I smiled about in that particular month.

The reasons can be anything but I thought it would be a nice way to spread some love and positivity around. A nice little look back style posts for the future. This will cover both Feb and March and even though Feb was the crappiest month of my entire life, I did find some reasons to smile.

So let us get on with my reasons to smile in March...

Hitting 50,000 blog views

I always say that stats ain't the end all and be all of blogging because they aren't. They don't define you as a blogger and just because you have lower blog views than others, does NOT mean you aren't a good blogger.
However, that doesn't mean you should feel bad for celebrating your achievements when you hit a certain blogging goal and in March, I hit 50,000 blog views, like whaaaaaaaaaat!
Just a little thank you to every single one of you who has taken the time to read my blog, whether it was just one post or ten, commented on them or even just fangirlled with me over people who don't know I exist.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
My Daddy David
As you will probably know by now, my dad passed away in February.
Now you are thinking 'why the hell is this in your reasons to smile, Caz?' Well I will tell you. I have never ever experienced such heartache and pain like I did during that month. Nothing will ever be the same and that freaking kills.
However, it was a time where family and friends came together and came together in love and support. It was nice to hear all of the crazy stories they had with my dad and to remember all of the wonderful memories I have with him.
It was lovely to see how many lives he impacted and that is something that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

New Year's Resolution
After three months of thinking 'what can be my New Year's resolution, here I am. I have finally thought of one [better late than never right?] and I am so blooming in love with it, pun intended.
It's to have real beautiful flowers on my bureau all year round. They bring such warmth, a pop of colour and homeliness to my bedroom and I think they look absolutely splendid.
Easter Eggs
I absolutely love Easter because these little chocolate beauties are the best thing ever, am I right or am I right?!
As I work for a supermarket, I hear/see things that are coming on offer and when these £4 eggs were half price (so £2), obviously I was going to buy some. I bought one for mum and another for my boyfriend, but of course I bought one for myself [treat yoselfff] and well, Terry's chocolate orange easter egg is the best thing in existence.
Strawberry Squash

This year is obviously a year of me finding fruit squashed that I didn't know existed but sooooo thankful they do. First there was apple squash, aka my fave, and now the heavenly taste of strawberry squash. Strawberry. Squash. *heavy breathes*
And there you go, my reasons to smile in March.
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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