A silly old bear collection

A lil' throwback to childhood in today's post and I am so excited about this. Winnie the Pooh has always been a massive part of my life, from collecting all the Disney Store soft toys of the lovable characters, reading and owning all the books, to watching the films over and over again, who doesn't love him?

Retailer Clintons recently released a most lovely range featuring the much loved silly old bear and there was two products in particular that I wanted. And I managed to get both! WOOOO!
Due to this, I thought I would share their cuteness with you all, including where I bought them from [as I am pretty sure the collection is only available in selected stores but could be wrong]. Note: This ain't a sponsored post, I just wanted to show these cute products.

Get ready to see two items from this wonderful silly old bear collection...


Can we all take a moment to appreciate how adorable this trinket dish is though!
I bought this in Newcastle and it was the last one on the display stand [so obviously I wasn't going to risk it and not get it].
Just the face of the famous bear, it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be [I'm using it to put my sample sized makeup products on] and I love the detail of the shiny gold against the matte black for his eyes and nose. For the price and the quality, it is such a fab addition to my makeup area and perfect for those who need a place to put their bits n bobs.
The second product I loved form the popular collection is this beautiful ring holder.
One of the things I adore about this product is that funky gold polka dot print on the dish, it just gives it that extra bit of style. The other thing I love is the cute little statute of the main bear himself, Winnie looks so lovely. The dish size is smaller than I thought but due to it being a ring holder, that kinda makes sense.
For a tenner, you really cannot go wrong with this. It is great as a gift or as a little 'treat yoself' present but you really can't say no to it's adorableness awww.
And there we have it, view the full Clintons Winnie the Pooh collection here.
Until next time
All photographs are my own
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  1. Caz I think I might cry! This post has me so excited right now! I bloody love Winnie The Pooh. I'm going straight on Clintons site right now to see if I can get my hands on these gorgeous pieces. (I Backspaced so much on this comment out of excitment!!) Thank you thank you thank you for this! xxx

    1. The collection is sooooo cute, isn't it! Glad you like the post and hope you get the things you want on the website! x


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