milk and honey

A week ago or so, I post something a little different on my blog. the sun and her flowers was a post dedicated to Rupi Kaur's beautiful book of poetry [post title is the same as her book's name] and because I adored the poetry so much, I bought her first book, milk and honey [hence the title of this post].

Now, I haven't actually finished reading milk and honey but there are sooooo many poems I love already, I might do a part two post, haven't decided on this yet. However, what I have read so far, both of her books are quickly becoming two of my favourites.

Like before, I thought I would share some of my favourite poems so far, in picture form again, so get ready for some milk and honey...

And there we have it! How stunning are these poems though, honestly cannot get enough of Rupi Kaur!
Until next time
All photographs are my own

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