Finding myself

This year has been, well, eventful for sure. And it's only the third month! A lot has happened in 2018 already and it made me realise something. Life is far too short to not do the things you want to do, to go and see wherever you want to see, to enjoy the little and big moments in life.

I've found myself more in these past three months than I have in the 23 years I have been living and it feels so flipping great.

Here's how I started to find myself...

Cliché but life is a journey, you never truly know what is round the corner. Morbid as this might be, but you really don't know when will be your last day or your last day with someone.
February saw the death of my dad and the start of me.
Let me explain.
It's a funny old thing, life. It gives you so many obstacles but so many opportunities.
It introduces you to people who you think will be in your life forever and the next minute, they aren't. It gives you the chance to do incredible, once in a lifetime things and then suddenly takes them away due to unforeseen circumstances.  
Don't worry it isn't all doom and gloom. Sometimes when we experience the most painful, hurtful, 'can't see a way out' thing, it presents you with a completely new outlook on life. That's what has happened to me.
After my Daddy David passed away, it has put things into perspective for me.
The dickhead, who unfortunately happens to be my brother, is reaaaaally not worth my energy, girrrrrl, don't waste your valuable time.
My friends are my family. They are there and always have been, and I hope always will be.
My mum and older brother are the two most wonderful and incredible people on this earth and I am honoured to be related to them.
My blog. Something that has given me so much strength and purity, still holds a very special place in my heart.
Don't get me wrong, this year's February has been the shitest month I have ever experience in my life. I wouldn't wish anyone the pain and hurt I felt. However, in a weird way, it has really made me realise how life is far too short not to do things and most importantly, to be happy and to be true to yourself.
And there you go, sorry if I waffled on a bit but it is crazy how your life can change so quickly but how enlightening it can be.
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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