Ignore the numbers

Numbers are a part of daily life. Setting your clock, how many chocolates I can eat before I cannot move, shoes sizes, number of followers you have and so on. However, sometimes we just focus too much on that and forget about other things in life too.

I speak from experience in this. There was always a certain number that scared the crap out of me and even though I am tackling it now, it still does to this day.

And this is why I have started to ignore the numbers...

Over the past year, I have lost a crap load of weight. Not because I wanted to but because I just did. I have always been self conscious of my appearance because of the bullying I endured during my teenage years and adult years. I was a happy, healthy 10 year old, who went out with her friends and played outside until dark. That all changed and I started to pile on the weight due to comfort food.
I was fat, I was overweight and I was ashamed.
Heck, I still am overweight but I am sorting it out now as I am in a much better place than before.
 In fact I have dropped two dress sizes within the space of year [shame my boobs haven't became smaller hahaha].
We live in a world where we have influencers everywhere, telling you to do this and take this and ooo look another diet TV advert telling me to try this diet pill as it will make you look like these really amazing models!
We are so focused on this specific number, that we often look past each other without so much of a thought about other people and most importantly, ourselves.
Not all people, but some people, probably see a bigger person and think 'oh look at her, why is she eating all of that food when she clearly needs to cut back' or 'she should not be wearing that on her body'. We knock people down because they wear a bigger size jean or bigger top than ourselves but heck, how is a flipping top size affecting you???
If someone gives me a valid answer to that then I will admit I was wrong but honestly, it doesn't affect you and you have to get your head out of your bottom.
Society needs to start educating people on healthy living but also to look after ourselves mentally as well as physically.  We need to start encouraging people who want to change the numbers they see daily and support people who don't or who aren't ready for that change yet.
It is their own body, their own mind, their own choice.
It is about time we stopped forcing people to do things and to try out the latest weight loss diet and focused on who they actually are and not define them by the size of their clothing.
At the end of it, we should just live ourlives to the fulliest and stop defining ourselves by our sizes etc and just ignore the numbers.
Well there you have it!
Until next time

All photographs are my own

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