A cute lil' teacup

A fashion post today and it is the best kind of outfit purely because of one thing. It involves Disney! Therefore it is the best!

Anyway, if you didn't know already, I loveeee Beauty and The Beast, it is my favourite Disney film and one of my favourite motion pictures ever. Recently, I published a fashion/fangirl post all about one of my favourite characters, the little adorable teacup Chip, and well I am back with another thing that has his cute face on!

So getting ready for some more Chip...

Top- Primark, £8
Skirt- Primark, £10 (old)
Shoes- Primark, £7
Well clearly Primark are just nailing it with the whole Disney range recently.
They are killing it with their changing sequin products as well. Like there are two designs in the sequins and you move them up/down to change them, does that make sense? I dunno, all I know is is that they are funky as! The crappy quality video shows you what I mean haha!
Anyway, I tried finding the top on their website but it doesn't seem to be online. However, it is from their latest range of BATB stuff so it is always worth a look in store!
Paired with a pale pink skirt and some awesome gold shoes, it is a cute outfit for an even cuter teacup!
Well, there we have it, still going Chip mad over here!
Until next time
All photographs are my own

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