Why am I single?

On Thursday, I went a little mate date to York [it was super duper funnnn] and as we were talking in the car [in the middle of us singing our little hearts out], we asked ourselves why are we single. Jokingly of course, but it did get me thinking about it.

I have always been single, with nothing more than a couple of on/off relationships, lasting no more than a month or so. This was mainly due to my insecurities and me wanting me time. Let's just say, I wasn't ready for a relationship during my teenage years, I had other crap to deal with before.

But now, at the ripe old of 22, I am ready for someone and so I am asking myself why am I single...

 Don't get me wrong, I have loveddddd being single and independent for the past decade, I have grown up a lot and have found myself in most aspects of my life. However, now I want someone in my life, I am ready for that someone and that commitment now.
But why am I single?

Now, I feel a lot more people than I initially thought as I type this out will ask this question at least once in their life.
Personally, I think of a number of reasons why I am.
One. I have zeroooooooooooo confidence when talking to guys.
Two. I think I put people off with my weirdness and this makes guys run a mile.
Three. I ain't no skinny woman, I have curves and I think this also puts some men off.
 Four. I literally cannot talk to guys at all. [Help me]
However, I think I would make a kick ass girlfriend. [Not to blow my own trumpet]
I am hilarious [you know I am hahahaha... I really ain't], I have banter [urgh I hate that word but it is here] and I don't expect nor to I want to be treated in a certain way.
I don't want/expect you to pay for every date [we will split them] and I don't want to be smothered in gifts, I just want to create memories with you and go exploring with you!
I want to be that girlfriend that you can come to with any problem and we will try and work it out together.
I want to be that girlfriend you can have a laugh with and tell crappy jokes to [I will still laugh, I laugh at everything].
I want to be that girlfriend where you don't have to take out your wallet during a every date we go on.
I want to be that girlfriend where we can just our little hearts out to a cringy song or to laugh so hard at a film, we end up crying on the floor in hysterics.
I want to be that girlfriend that you can feel completely open to and not feel embarrassed about stuff.
I want to be that girlfriend and I think I could.. With the right guy.
Over the past couple of years, I've matured a lot as a person but now, I am ready for someone and to love someone.
Well there you have it, why am I single?!
So look out guys, I am coming for you [cringe]
Until next time
All photographs my own! 


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