Five things I'm loving right now

Well, I haven't done one of these style posts in agesssssssss, like pretty sure over a year now (oopsy), but I thought why not do one again!

There a lot of things I am loving at the moment but I have whittled it down to five ultimate things I adore at this present time, like obsessing over. From a couple of clothing items to an amazing album and handwriting, it is definitely a mixture of things.

So here are five things I am loving right now...

For those who don't know what this is, calligraphy is basically handwriting and being able to write in loads of different font styles.
My mother bought me this calligraphy set for Christmas and over a couple of weeks ago, I finally opened it and took a crack at it. I absolutely love it!
Like I am absolutely crap at it but I am sooooo enjoying it and learning about different techniques! Who knew writing with a fountain pen could be so much fun!
Oversized dress
I love oversized things and embroidered things so this dress is perfect!
Coming in at £13, from Primark, I love how pretty it is! A simple black dress with a pop of bold colour in the embroidered flower design! So comfy and absolutely beautiful!
Marks and Spencer lacy bra
Who doesn't love a lacy bra like helloooooooooooo! Admittedly, I have never owned one before [or a matching set of underwear but that's a different story], and I thought I would treat myself to some pretty lingerie. When I saw this beautiful Rosie For Autograph, for £26, [available at Marks and Spencer], I could resist. It is the most comfiest bra ever! Now, it is see through but I don't care, it is flipping beautiful and I feel so happy wearing it!
Night People by YMAS
There is no escaping You Me At Six on my blog but honestly their new album is an absolute killer! Out not, Night People is the band's fifth studio album and in my opinion, their best! With hit songs like Night People, Plus One and Swear, there are all tunes that you just cannot help but sing along to and have a bit of a rock out to!
My favourite song by far is Brand New, closely followed by Give, Spell It Out and Take On The World! Honestly, what an album!
Father Brown
One of my favourite TV shows now and it is BBC One's period day time crime drama, Father Brown! Starring Harry Potter star Mark Williams as the father, he along with his two sidekicks, solve murders and it is such a good programme to chill to with the fifth series just finished airing on the BBC!
I recently bought the book the show is based on, by G.K. Chesterton, and it is just as fab as the show!
I've also treated myself to the box set because you cannot beat a Father Brown marathon like!
Some episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer for a limited time.
Well there you have it, five things I am lovingggggg at the moment!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 


  1. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! I'm literally obsessed with embroidery at the moment and this dress ticks all my boxes! x

    1. I know right, it is sooooo pretty! And same, I am obsessed with embroidery like you can never have too much of it in your life! x


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