Pimms and Needles Wreath Making!

Golly gosh, I haven't done one of these posts in ages! Not because I don't want to because I do but I just haven't had the time to write them out and then take/upload the photos of the event. However, that is about to change because I miss writing about my wonderful Pimms and Needles nights!

Yesterday's event was all a bout door wreath making! This time we were using fern instead willow branches so it was definitely a new experience for me personally. So I thought I would do a short post today to show you how we did made them (not the wreaths themselves as the people who were doing it made them up for us to save time)

So here is 'Pimms and Needles Wreath Making!'...

First things first, a massive thank you to all of those who organised it and bought in cakes/biscuits because it was such a lovely night that literally smelled of Christmas.
Ravensworth Nurseries lead the event today as they kindly showed us some demonstrations in how to decorate our ready made wreaths and the way they did theirs was soooooo nice!

Like I said, the wreaths were already made but they showed us what they used. They used a gold ring and then covered that in moss and then attached the fern in that. The moss is used to keep it all together but to keep the fern watered so it lasts longer. The wreath should be kept outside and should, hopefully, last for the big day!
Now me being me, I wanted to break the boundaries of doing a normal Christmas door wreath and do a design outside the box. So of course, being a Disney fan, I thought I would try and do Mickey Mouse on my wreath... Bad decision Caroline but we weren't going to let it defeat us, noooo!
Here is my Christmassy Mickey Mouse wreath in all of its (bad) glory...

Filled with holly, dried oranges, berries, pine cones and of course, a big red bow, it doesn't get any Christmassy than this!
Well there you have it, finally got up another Pimms and Needles post!
Roll on next months where we will be making Christmas hampers wooooo!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 

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