Fabric Flowers

Picture this, it is yesterday, I am just chilling on my laptop and then realised that there are only three days left of November. How this year has flown by. I also realised that I hadn't done anything for my Bake and Make series and soon, I panicked.

But here we are, two days left of my birthday month. Todays post is going to be this months make, fab fabric flowers. These are taken from Chloe Owens' All Sewn Up book which I got last year for a Christmas present!

Tomorrow, I will hopefully be creating and then publishing the bake but for now, you have these little beauties to gaze upon. I will say sorry in advance at the terrible photo, the lighting isn't good but I wanted to get this up tonight!

So here is 'Fabric Flowers'...

What you will need:
Samples of Fabric
Needle and thread
Fabric Glue
Florist's tape
Green ribbon
Florist's wire
Scrap of felt
What to do now:
1. Choose a selection of fabric for you petals. It can be any pattern or plain fabric so the choice is yours! Using a compass, draw on your piece of paper a circle with a 3in (8cm) radius and cut it out to make a temple. Cut out five fabric circles using this to create one flower.
2. Fold in half, press iron to make it crisp, fold it again so it is in a quarter shape. Press it again. Starting at one end of the curved side, sew along but leave some thread for tying it all up at the end.
3. Now pull along the sewed side, gathering the fabric. Without cutting the thread, sew your next quarter on the curve side, gather the fabric and do this with the other three quarters to create your full flower head.
4. With your five petals done and gathered, tie the first and last flower today by stitching them and tying them off.
5. Choose a button for your centre of the flower and firmly glue the button to the centre of the flower.
6. This is an optional step as I left my wire uncovered. Using florist's green tape, wrap it around the wire from top to button. Then wrap around the green ribbon, glue it, so it is completely covered. Attach the wire to the flower head with fabric glue. Finally glue a small piece of felt to the bottom of the button and top of the wire. And voila, you are finished!
And the finish product is...

I love how easy these were to make, especially since I completely forgot about my Bake and Make posts this month with being so busy with work!
However, I love how you can mix or match fabrics and do funky patterns with other funky patterns and then with the cute button, they are sooooo cute for a little gift or for yourself in your home.
Something to make everyone say 'where did you get them from'.
Well, I will hopefully see you tomorrow with this months bake!
Nothing like cutting it fine Caroline!
Until next time
All photographs my own!

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