Looking 'flawless' for once

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts (links to which are right at the bottom) then you would have seen me absolutely buzzing of this product. I recently got my first ever wages as couple of weeks ago and well, last week, I decided to treat myself to another Makeup Revolution eye palette.

I already had the Mermaids Forever palette and just fell in loveeeeeeeeee with it so I decided to have a look at their other ones to see if they had the same effect on me. And well, the short answer is yes. One of them certainly did and that one is their Flawless palette.

Due to me trying out a couple of the shades, I thought I would share the look I created, which just so happens to be perfect for autumn as well! But you will have to wait until the end to find out the overall look, oooooooo the anticipation!

So here is 'A flawless makeup tutorial'...

The products I used:
Define Eyebrow brush, £1 (One Similar)
First I moisturised my face but did not put on any foundation just yet!
Starting with the eyes. I filled in my eyebrows so do this if you do them!
On my eyelids, I placed the Flawless shade Universal, leaving the inner corner of my eyes untouched.
I took the Red Night shade and placed that in the outer corner and in the crease, making sure it is blended in with that pretty pinky shade. Blend that out so its faded at the top of your crease and outer side.
In the untouched inner corners, I gently filled that in with the shimmering gold shade Angel, adding a bit of glitz to the look! 
I then took about half an hour trying to draw my eyeliner, doing it from the outer corner to the inner corner to create a flick then put on some mascara.
Now it is time to put the foundation on. This makes sure that the eye makeup is all neat and tidy and so you don't have to keep on reapplying it if you do make mistake with your eye makeup. Such a useful tip, honestly!
Then I completely the overall look by actually putting on a red lipstick (I think it was a No7 lippy) and dabbed on a bit of the Red Night shade.
And voila, my finished makeup look with my brand new eye palette!
And here is the final look...

I just love this look, like I love how autumnal it looks with the red and the gold! It kinda look orangey in certain lights but I enjoy that a lot.
Yeah, it maybe simple makeup to some but sometimes that's the best way to go!
Finished with them dark red lips, I will definitely be redoing this when I am next going out out!
Well, there you go, a quick post today!
Until next time

All photographs my own!

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