Making my skin glow

I have been uming and arghing about writing this post for some time now but when I recently published my 'It's my birthday Makeup Look' and the lovely Sarah commenting saying how I have nice skin (awww thank you lovely) and asking if I would do this post then I was like 'yeah, go on then, I will!'

And here we are! My skin care routine. Now, this will only be a short post as I have only started looking after my skin this year but nevertheless, if you ask for a post then I will write the post!

So here is 'My skincare routine'...

I told you it will be a short post! Literally two skin products in my possession.
I moisturise my face twice every day, especially on a morning, and then when I go out, I put some foundation on but that is it!
At the end of the day, I take it alllllll off with a makeup wipe then moisturise my face afterwards!
Hardly a routine but it'll do me!
Although, I am wanting to find more skincare products so if you have recommendations then pleaseeeeeeeeee tell me!
Until next time
All photographs my own!

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