Animal photogrpahy

This post will be showing you how to take a good photo of an animal whilst posting some of my photography. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird to an insect, it can be difficult to get a good shot of them, especially if they cannot keep still for long.
Taken on 31st January 2015
First I will show you some animals I have taken a photo of and then give you a few tips!
So here is 'Animal photography tips'...

Taken on 15th February 2015

Taken on 20th April 2014

Taken on 14th March 2015

Taken on 4th May 2013

Taken on 4th May 2013

Taken on 7th December 2014
Taken on 11th September 2015
Taken on 19th November 2015
Top tips for you:

1. Keep the camera as still as you can.
I would recommend you take a tripod out with you just in case. However, if you don't have a tripod then that is ok. By making sure that you hold your camera properly, putting your elbow to your chest and the camera firmly in your hands, you should be alright.
2. Focus.
Focus is key to getting any good shot. Make sure that is it in focus on the animal you are wanting to focus. It is no good if it is focussed on the surroundings and not on the animal.
3. Various photos
Take more photographs than you actually need. If one of them is blurry, not focussed and doesn't even have the animal in frame then you can simply delete or click next to view the other shots. This way you can see how to improve on your skills and see which one of them is the best photograph.
4. Don't make a sound
If it is a bird or an insect then try not to make a sound otherwise they might fly away. By using a zoom and quietly going up to the subject then you have a better chance of taking a photograph.
5. Have fun.
Take your camera/phone when you go out on a walk or to the beach etc. This way you can take great photograph of your surroundings as well as any wildlife that may live there. You never know what you might find.

Well there you have it, animal photography!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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