Popcorn crazy

A popping fashion post for you today, Buttercup!
Confession, I have so many bags but I love quirky ones, I cannot get enough of them. I did post last year with my top 10 favourite bags I own and this one would definitely be included now!

It's a popcorn bag! How cool is that though?! I thought I would do a small outfit of the day type thing including this funky bag.

So here is 'Popcorn crazy'...

Top: M&S, £18 sale
Skirt: I made that myself, read here
Sandals: Primark, £10
Bag: Primark, £9

I am in love with this bag (if you hadn't of guessed already)!
From the cool summery colours of pink, yellow and purple, it doesn't fit a lot in but it is just the right size for the essentials (phone, keys, small purse, lipstick, eyeliner, mirror).
The gold chain strap is just the right length, sitting comfortably on my hip.
With the zig-zag pattern and the pop art type writing, it is perfect the summer season, brightening up any outfit.
Foundation- No7 Stay Perfect
Eyeliner- No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip
Mascara- No7 Lash Impact
Lipstick- MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers, Kooky
So there you have it, another funky bag to add to my collection!
It is so fun and quirky, how can you not want the popcorn?!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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