A plant pot upcycle

For ages now, I have been wanting to grow my own herbs and strawberries. I have grown both before, herbs back in Scarborough when my dad lived there and strawberries in my back garden but now, they have to be replaced.

Green fingers!
I thought, why not buy cute new pots to put them in and get growing them again. Harder than I thought to find cute planters so I bought bright green plastic plant pots instead and gave them a bit of a make over with some paint.

So here is 'A plant pot upcycle'...

What I used:
Plant pots- mine were from Wilkos, three different sizes
Paint of your chose, I had three paints (paint testers were enough for my sizes)
A brush
Varnish, clear
Water to wash the brush out in between painting

Plants I used: herbs (mint, basil, coriander, parsley) strawberries, pink rose

Before the painting began!

What to do:
Before anything, make sure the plant pots are clean and dry.
Now for the base of the pot, underneath the rim. For mine, I painted each base a different colour. I had three so three different paints. Leave to dry.
Moving onto the rim, paint that in your selected colour whether it is the same as your base or a different one. Leave to dry.
Don't worry if you can still see the colour it was originally, you will need at least two coats.
To finish off, add a varnish to protect the paint (do 2-3 coats) and voila, you are done, ready to stick some plants in there.

Alternatively you can just paint the pots in the same colour or three different colours and not two colours on one but I thought they would look quite quirky by doing that.
Here are mine:

Voila, how cute!


Mint- keep this herb separate from others!

Basil, parsley and coriander

My vintage bicycle ready for its pink rose!
I love them so much. I adore the three colours (Duck Egg, Candy Cane, Powder Purple from Wilkos). They are spring/summer but also very vintage and well, I am a sucker for pastel colours (they are my favourite). They look so pretty in the sun, brightening up the garden!
The bronze finish bicycle was from Argos and for the price, it is huge. A lot bigger than I was expecting so I am going to put my favourite flower in there, a pink rose, to finish off my section of the back garden.
Now I have no excuse to not water my herbs and strawberries.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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