A-Level results day, My Advice

So today marks the day when A-Level students find out if they have got the grades they are hoping for/wanting to get into the uni of their choice. Your palms were sweaty, you are nervous, scared to open that envelope.
Two years ago, I was one of those students.

I feel like there is a lot of pressure of pupils to get good grades to get into uni and sometimes this pressure causes stress and sometimes these students don't do so well on their exams as they hoped to.

Here is my "You're going to uni!| My advice"...

A brief background on my results day two years ago. I walked into that results hall quietly confident as I was pleased with how well my exams actually went.
I said my name, received my envelope and opened it. I started to cry... A lot.
Seeing everyone happy and pleased with their results, finding out that they got into the uni they wanted to go to and then there was me. I didn't get into the uni I dreamed of going to. I cried and cried (I was the only one who did cry) as I thought I did well in my exams.
Two years later, I have finished my foundation degree in Journalism with a Merit.
Deciding to bit the bullet and take a chance at going to university (even though it wasn't the one I wanted to go to), my life has turned out for the better. Growing in confidence and improving my skills for the future.
Just because you didn't do as well as you would of like to have done, doesn't mean its the end of the world and that you've failed. There is so much more for you out there then you think.
So take a deep breath and think about all of your options you have in front of you.
By choosing another uni or taking a gap year, you can still experience what other students are doing and you aren't alone. You can go traveling, get a job, do an internship/apprenticeship, redo your final college year...
So many opportunities for you to grab with both hands at.
However, I wish every student who is receiving their A-Level results today the very best of luck and I hoped you achieved your goals.

Have you received your results today? Did you get the grades you wanted and the place at your dream uni?
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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