A blog update!

So as you may or not have noticed, I have changed the name of my blog.
Goodbye to 'The Adventures of Caroline' and hello to Geek meets Chic!

Don't worry, the concept is still the same with the blog in the fact that the content and posts will be on the same things and I wont change my social media usernames. Its just that I wanted a name that suits me and my personality better than my original title. I am a self confessed geek/nerd with a love for fashion and beauty therefore Geek meets Chic has been born.

Due to the new name, I will hopefully do a lot more posts centred on my fangirl side, basically thing that I obsess over, whether it is a band, tv show, film etc so keep an eye out for reviews of them or general posts about them!

There you have it! I hope you all like my blog's new name.
Until next time

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