My week in London, August 2015 (Part One)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been really busy and very tired however a nice and simple post today...

Between the 24th-28th August, my mother and I visited the UKs capital city, London.

We planned our trip beforehand but there are so many weird and wonderful things to do in London that we had an action packed week to say the least.

Leicester Square: a taste of what's to come!

Due to the fact we went for five days, I will split this into five parts. Part One (this post) will be on the first two days (Mon 24th and Tues 25th), Part Two on Wed 26th, Part Three on Thurs 27th and Part Four on Fri 28th. The final part will just be a fashion post like I did last time to show you my take on the London Look.

So let us begin and join me in My week in London...
This will be very picture heavy, all photographs are my own.
Monday 24th August

Arriving into Kings Cross Station, famous for being the Harry Potter film franchise, and we were all excited and ready to go and explore the big city.

Already to goooooo
Rain on the train
Dropping off our luggage and boarding the bus, we headed straight to Oxford Street, the best place for shopaholics like me! From H&M, Topshop, River Island to Selfridges and my favourite shop Primark, it is the place to be to spend, spend, spend.

Oxford street

Found the perfect thing in Selfirdges
 Then we walked down to Tiffanys, the flagship store on Bond Street, and it was stunning. So many pretty items of jewellery across the three floors. Bond Street is fab (and expensive) as all the big brands are there, keep an eye out for celebrities in the shops! However it is also fab as it links onto Piccadilly therefore we went to the Cath Kidston store there.

Trying on cute skirts in Cath Kidston, I bought this

Quirky mirror wall in CK

I want this Penguin skirt so badly
We also quickly went into Fortum and Mason, where we bought cakes!

Inside F&M
Hopping back on the bus, we went to have our free first day meal. We sometimes get this when we book the trip depending on when you book it. So we went to Café London at the Bedford Hotel down the road from where we were staying.

Café London

The fish and chips were so goooood. The batter that fish were in was the best thing ever, so crispy. The ice cream was also nice and the strawberry was literally melt in your mouth, yummy!

A simple and relaxing day to kick off our trip.

Tuesday 25th August

Tuesday was by far my favourite day! By a mile!
I finally went to see my love, Audrey Hepburn, in her exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Portrait of an Icon shows her early years as a dancer, becoming a iconic actress to her personal life and her humanitarian work in her later life, Audrey is a beautiful, elegant soul. You aren't allowed to take photographs inside the exhibition but they all made me feel quite emotional. I couldn't recommend that you go to this if you are in London before 18th October (that's when it ends) as it is fantastic.
Find out more about Audrey Hepburn Portraits of an Icon here.

Ready to go in and see my love!

I am so ready!

Fridge magnets!

I wanted them all!
 We treated ourselves to a meal at Jamie's Italian near Covent Garden. I absolutely adored inside of the restaurant. The colours (reds, browns, coppers) to the furniture and the overall atmosphere were spot on.

The meal itself was absolutely delicious. I had hake and salmon with a salad and dressing on and it was beautiful. The fish was cooked perfectly with the crunchiness of the sesame seeds on it. Also on the huge plate was purple (PURPLE) potatoes and normal brown baby potatoes and it was one of the tastiest meal I have ever eaten. Mother had pasta which she said was delicious!

For dessert (because you gotta have dessert), raspberry and honeycomb Pavlova was calling my name. I am a sucker for meringue and this did not disappoint. The bitterness of the raspberries to the marshmallowy yet crispy meringue to the zesty cream to the crunchiness of the honeycomb and the raspberry sauce, it was divine.

For our drinks we both had a non alcoholic cocktail (I don't drink alcohol at all). Berry Blast I think was its name and oh god, it was so so so so delicious.  Strawberry & passion fruit purée mixed with lemon, sugar syrup and cranberry juice, it was fruity and went perfectly with my dishes I thought, it wasn't too heavy. Mother had a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream and toffee popcorn and that too was amazing!

One of the best meals I have had in my entire life!
Find out more about the restaurant here.

After we chilled around Convent Garden for a bit, walked down to Leicester Square and then went back to the hotel as we were so tired!

Convent Garden

Leicester Square!

Well there you have it! The first two days of my week in London. And that's not even the start of the adventure!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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