Nail Art

This post is basically showing my nail art.

Previously mentioned in another post, I love to get creative when painting my nails. Here are a few designs I have done. I would have posted more photos but I could not find any photos to show them to you.

So here is 'Nail Art'...

  1. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas
For Christmas 2011, I wanted to paint my nails in a festive design. The snowmen idea took me half an hours to do. Seen in the photograph, silver, red, orange and black nail polish was used. A good quality nail varnish which dries quickly is recommended if you are wanting to do this as quickly as you can.


2. America's Calling

Moving onto American inspired nails, the 'Hearts and Stars' design took me half an hour to do also. The colours and pattern on the nails so my love for all things American. I also did a New York themed design but unfortunately I couldn't find a photo for that. In this picture, I have used red, silver and blue to represent the USA Flag but have also included the stars from it too. for those who like America or just the patterns used, this is definitely one for you. You can use different colours or just use one of the patterns used. 

Stars and Hearts

3. Nails that ROCK
If you know me personally, you will know I am completely in love with a British rock/punk band call You Me At Six. So when I had the incredible opportunity to meet them in my hometown in the shop HMV as they were promoting their new album, Cavalier Youth (you should definitely listen to it and their other songs), I wanted to do something on my nail. Although the photo is not clear- sorry for that- I decided to write each of the band members names, YMAS and CY on my nails. This is an idea you can also do but for a different band or signing. For concerts to album signings, you can do this for pretty much anything.

You Me At Six

4. Feeling patriotic

In 2012, the Queen had her Diamond Jubilee. Due to this, feeling patriotic and going to a street party, I painted my nail to celebrate it. As you can see I have used blue, red, silver and black nail vanish because of the UK flag.  Taking me just under an hour, they definitely got notice by people. You can do this for the World Cup 2014 or a film preview. Pretty much anything again so get painting those nails!

Queens Jubilee

5. Nails with an extra bite!
If you know me personally, then you know how much of a geek I am, especially when it comes to television shows. From Merlin and Doctor Who to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Sherlock, I have loved pretty much anything I can fangirl (obsess) over.
During my teenage years, I used to love the show Vampire Diaries. this design includes fangs, a wooden stake, a heart and some of the characters names. Yes, I really was THAT weird. Using red, black, silver and brown nail varnish, this took me roughly 45 minutes to complete. You can do this for a TV show, film and book you like.

Vampire Diaries


6. Adding a splash of colour
For my next design, I did a different tie dye pattern on every nail. Taking half an hour, this simple yet effective idea meant that the nails went with nearly every clothing item I have. Using a range of colours from teal, pink and orange to purple, black and red, the design gives a pop of colour which is perfect for the summery season 


Tie dye

7. Ooh la la!
For my final nail ide you can do is a French manicure style. This design is simple yet elegant and sophisticated on those nails of yours. You will need clear nail varnish for this. By painting the tips of the nail a colour (on the example: orange, red, green and purple) and making the rest of the nail clear, you can create it in less than 30 minutes. This one is definitely a stylish trend.

French Manicure style nails, nail varnish
is from Primark: Audrey Hepburn
nail varnish set

Other deigns/themes I have done: M&M sweets, Superhero nails, New York, Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, French nails, Fruit and finally flowers.

If you do want to do any of these designs or something similar then you will need:
  1. Good quality nail varnish. I would recommend something in which dries quickly and doesn't cause a mess. Try to have a range of colours as this means you can do a variety of patterns and designs, plus the fact that your finger/toe nails will be colourful.   
  2. Have a thin object near. This can be a food pick in which obviously hasn't been used because you really don't food in you nail varnish. This is for if you make a mistake on your nail and it also comes in handy if you are writing or drawing on your nails for example wording or a shape etc. 
  3. Always do it over a piece of kitchen roll or old cloth. If the nail varnish spills or you get it over you hands you can always wipe it off it the fabric. It also protect the surface in which you are painting your nails over.
  4. Have a steady hand if possible. This reduces the risk of making a mistake.

But most importantly, be creative and have fun doing it.

Until next time
All photographs are my own!



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