I do not keep calm, I'm a fan girl!

Since most of my other posts have been slightly serious, this one definitely wont be. Although you will think I am crazy and weird etc by the end of this if you don't already, this will be on the subject on being a fan girl.

Now, if you know someone or if you are one yourself you will probably know that fans do not keep calm if it has anything to do with their fandom (what they obsess over basically).

A fan girl or fan boy can obsess over a television show, a band, a film, characters or even a book. And I mean obsess over...

     Some of the most popular being: The Hunger Games (film and books), Marvel (comic books and films), DC Comics (comic books and films), Supernatural (tv show), Lord of the Rings (books and films), Game of Thrones (TV Show), One Direction (band), 5 Seconds of Summer (band) and Harry Potter (films and books).
You can pretty much become one for anything.

Now, I will show you the main fandoms I am in.

1. His name... MERLIN!

Lets start with a TV show I absolutely love, even though it ended in 2012. During my teenage years, I watched (obsessed) with the hit BBC One drama, Merlin. Who am I kidding, I still do now.

Starting in 2008, the show was an escapism for me in the sense that it was to do with magic and wizards/witches, something in which I have always loved.

A brief outline of the show:

The internationally loved programme focused on the early days of Merlin, before he became the all powerful wizard we associate him with today. It concentrates on him being the man servant of Prince (later King) Arthur of Camelot. In Camelot, under the ruling of Arthur's father, King Uther, the use of magic is banned. With this in mind, Merlin has to save the kingdom numerous times without being found out that he has magical powers. All in a days work, eh Merlin?

Ok, so what makes me a Merlinian (what the fans are called)?

The show still has a huge fan base. If you know me personally then you know how much I fangirl over this show. Well, it is my favourite show after all.
 The merchandise I have of the show is:
  • all five series of it, 
  • two tops,
  • two posters,
  • a calendar,
  • a 2013 Annual
  • a Nintendo DS game
  • two action figurines,
  • an iPhone cover
  •  a signed photo of the person who played the title role, Colin Morgan.
Nearly everything I have of Merlin,
I do have more
On Twitter, the Official Merlin page follows me and I even created a fan account for it (I'm not ashamed to admit that).
As you can see, I am completely addicted to it. Everything and anything related to Merlin or its cast I will watch and read etc without a doubt.

I am definitely one proud yet crazy Merlininan.

Twitter Page: @MerlinOfficial
Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00mjlxv

2. The one and only consulting detective

Another fandom I am in is the Sherlock (Holmes) one. Sherlockians, as the fans like to be called, has a huge fandom base from Jeremy Brett's portrayal of him to the BBC One series Sherlock and the two recent films, starring Robert Downey Jr. 

 A brief outline:

Originally books written by Arthur Conan Doyle, it focuses on the famous, deer stalker wearing detective and Dr John Watson solving crimes in which the police are struggling with. Facing new criminals and new unsolved cases, this duo is like no other.

So, how am I a Sherlockian?

As you can tell, I definitely am a fan.
I have:
  •  all of the books,
  • a poster
  • most Sherlock DVDs (both film and TV). 
  • I am planning on getting a top too!
Sherlock merch (planning on getting a
top at some point)
However, I would not upset any fans of this. Trust me, you would not like to be on the bad side of them. Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the title role, has major fans as does Martin Freeman (Dr John Watson). Definitely fans who don't want to provoked!

Twitter Page: @Sherlockology
Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b018ttws

3. Through time and space

Continuing the theme of television shows, another international programme is my next fandom.

Doctor Who, first airing in 1963, has definitely had its ups and downs. From being cancelled in 1998 and its new launch in 2005 to the Doctor regenerating 12 times and watching the characters you love die right in front of your eyes. It definitely is a rollercoaster of a show for all of the fans.

A brief outline of the show:

The Doctor- whose real name is u known hence the name of the show- is a time traveling alien who is the last of his kind. He has two hearts and has changed into a different person (appearance and personality) 12 times. He goes around the universe with a companion, defending the Earth and the galaxy from all different evil aliens with his blue public telephone phone box, aka time machine, named the TARDIS. Some of the most famous baddies are: Daleks, Cybermen and The Master.

What makes me its fan girl?

The fans, aka Whovians, are one of the best fandoms to be in. Everyone is so nice and lots of people dress in costumes of their favourite Doctor, companion, baddies and even the TARDIS.
Some of my DW possessions are:
  • a top,
  • figurines,
  • a Dalek key ring,
  • a calendar,
  • a necklace,
  • a fez,
  • a sonic screwdriver,
  • a couple of books.
All my things to do with
Doctor Whoo-eee-ooooooo
I genuinely love this sci-fi show.

The new series of Doctor Who, starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Louise Coleman starts on 23rd August 2014, BBC One -no airing time as of yet.

Twitter Page: @bbcdoctorwho
Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006q2x0

4. Elegance is an understatement.

We associate the actress Audrey Hepburn with being elegant and classy but in my eyes that is an understatement. She is so much more than that.

From her first major film role in Roman Holiday (1953) to her last ever film, Always (1989) before her death in 1993, Hepburn will always been my favourite ever actress and idol. 

Why do I love her so much and what makes me her fan girl?

She did so much in her lifetime, from becoming a major star and fashion icon to becoming an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the charity UNICEF due to her humanitarian work. She was the heart of the world in my eyes, doing so much for the poor. Her earlier life was hard as she grew up during World War Two. Yet, she made something of herself. She didn't feel sorry for herself, she went out and did what she loved to do, performing. That's what I admire about her, she didn't quit on her dream.
The first film I watched of hers was Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). It wasn't long since it became my favourite film ever!
Since then, I have been collecting all of her films (I have 14 out of 27 so far) and buying anything with her on it, no joke.

I have:
  • nail varnish,
  • lip gloss,
  • a calendar,
  • my favourite quotation of hers,
  • a couple of books,
  • a bag with her on it,
  • a necklace,
  • perfume,
  • a couple of posters/pictures of her on my walls.
As you can tell, I have a lot of
things to do with Audrey
Yes, I love her.

Website: http://www.audreyhepburn.com/

5. Its a punk rock kind of thing

My final main fandom I am in isn't a show or a film but a band. British punk rock band You Me At Six are my favourite ever group, with their fans being called Sixers. Warning- this is a big one!
So, why do I love Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Matt Barnes, Chris Miller and Dan Flint so much?

Influenced by other bands such as Blink 182 and Thrice, they are not afraid to take risks. They have come a long way as a band, almost splitting up but overcoming it. Now, look where they are.

The Surrey born band have become a huge success in recent years, bringing out a total of four albums and performing to a sold out Wemebley Area in London in 2012. Their latest album, Cavalier Youth, released earlier this year, was their first UK number one album, something which all of the fans are proud of. Like many bands and artists, they care about the fans and actually reply to or even follow them on Twitter. They are not afraid of being themselves.

What makes me a Sixer? Well, there is practically a list as long as your arm.

The first song I listened to was 'Kiss and Tell', taken from their frst album Take Off Your Colours. From then, I have been obsessed with them. Buying magazines with them on the front cover or with them in it, having numerous lyrics on my bedroom walls, posters, albums, them following me on twitter, replying and 'favouriting' some of my tweets.

But the one thing that made me love them even more was the fact that they are so nice and don't let the pressure of being famous change them.
My friend Lauren and I got to meet them in our home town in January 2014 and knowing me I was super duper excited. They were going around the UK, doing album signings in the store HMV for Cavalier Youth. So me being me, I put on my YMAS top and necklace and we went to meet them. All of them signed both mine and Lauren's albums and I got some other things signed too. I cant even begin to describe how I felt whilst I was standing in front of my idols. It really was an once in a lifetime thing.

They have also
'faved' my tweets but I couldn't
fit them on the photo
So basically I have:
  • two tops, one of them is signed
  • four albums, one of them is signed
  • a dvd of them playing Wembley Arena in 2012
  • a 'selfie' with them
  • a drawing I did signed
  • a necklace
  • they follow me on twitter, they have also 'faved' (liked) some of my tweets too
  • a calendar
  • lyric quotations on my bedroom walls
During my teenage years, they helped me overcome so many things and for them to sign my merchandise and to even follow me on twitter is a huge thing for me. Most people are fans of One Direction and bands like that (I don't like them) so for any fan that is a big deal. Plus the fact that their fanbase don't send threating messages to people who say they don't like them or who are negative towards them, unlike some fandoms, makes me proud to be a Sixer.

And that is why I love them.

Twitter Page: @youmeatsix
Website: http://www.youmeatsix.co.uk/

Well, there you have it. A crazy fan girl listing her five weird yet wonderful fandoms.

There are more but if I posted them all this post will be way too long. So next time you hear/see these words or fandoms now you know the wonderful and "calming" life of a fan girl.

a girl/boy fan of a particular show/film/band/book.
From “relationship” – a combination of fictional characters as a couple. The name of a ship is often a compound of the two characters’ names, for example Merthur (Merlin and Arthur) or Sherlock (Sherlock and John)

Someone who supports a “ship”.
Acronym for One True Pairing – a person’s favourite “ship” (couple). Don't insult someone's OTP (you will probably regret it)
A strong emotional investment (feelings) in a character or show.
“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” / “Send help” 
Cannot deal with this fandom, could be after seeing a post or a picture etc
“Literally me”
I relate to this picture/post.
Cannot type properly as they are shock etc
“I’m done” / “100% done”
Jokingly "done" with this fandom after seeing a post
“Too many feels!” / “ALL THE FEELS”
Hurts the person feelings.

Pictures of my bedroom and other things I like:

Despicable Me (film), I have
the Haribo sweets too!

DC Comics and Marvel Comics things

One side of my bedroom. You can
see some of my quotations by YMAS, Merlin
and Audrey Hepburn on this. Plus you can
see my Iron Man & Captain America posters
The other side of my bedroom wall,
as you can see it is
covered in all things fandomy!

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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