Get the vintage look

This week, I am going to show you how to get the vintage look.

I, for one, adore anything vintage. From clothing and accessories to furniture, I love it!

Since I am going to Scarborough Vintage Fair on Sunday 24th August, I will most likely be dressed up in my vintage inspired things (clothing and makeup).

So this is my basic guide to dressing vintage.

I am going to start off with how to classic vintage make up.

1. First things first, make sure your face is clean. Wash with a flannel or towel with warm water.
2. Cover face with your own foundation. You only need a bit on so don't over do it. You can put blusher on, I don't because my cheeks are naturally red/pink.

3. Moving onto your eyes. With your finger, gently put on a white eye shadow on your eye lid and below your eye on the bottom. Put just above your eye crease and outer corner area.

4. Repeat step 3, using a eye shadow colour of you choice. I have used a teal colour due to the fact that it goes with my chosen dress. Picking a colour that goes with your clothing/accessories makes your eyes stand out even more, whilst keeping the outfit together.

Step 3 & 4. White shadow then a colour
of your choice
5. For the eyeliner aspect, using a liquid one is easier to control and do more than a pencil eyeliner. Drawing it on the upper lash line, it creates a neat line then flick it out when you get to the outer half. One the bottom of you eye, draw both above and under your lashes for a more intense look.

Step 5. Draw a line with a flick at
the end. Draw below and above your
bottom lashes

6. Finally, get a red lipstick (I use a bright on to make the eye make up stand out even more) and put it on your lips. You can put another colour on like a pink if that's what you feel comfortable with.

Step 6. Using a red lipstick creates a
more dramatic look whilst making your
eyes stand out more.

That's my way to do vintage make up.

Lets move onto the clothing and accessories.

If you are wondering where I got that blue flower tea dress from, well I am going to surprise you by saying it is from a well known high street store- Primark. The £10 dress is perfect for a vintage tea party or even shopping, a party and a meal. Visit the shops or go online.

Also look around other high street store, such as Marks and Spencer's, as vintage style clothing is making a comeback!

For the accessories, pearls were a big fashion hit back then. Pearl earrings and necklace compliment any outfit, giving it a stylish yet sophisticated look. Don't worry if they aren't real pearls

The whole look.
Dress: Primark, £10, Sizes: 8-20
I put a white ribbon in my hair,
you can also do this if you wish
The finished look!
Accessorise with pearl earrings
and necklace.
Vintage shops and various charity shops are also great in finding little gems.

When it comes to your hair, its the curlier the better! You can use hair curlers, hair roller (seen in the very first picture at the top of the post) or even rag it. I would recommend to leave them in over night (unless you are using electrical hair curlers) and hair spray the curls for a longer look.

If you don't know how to rag it then watch this video:

Well that is it! I hope you try it out and if you do then comment telling me about it!

It is never too late to do vintage!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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