20 facts about me...

According to my statistics on my blog, I have had almost 1000 page reviews (thank you, I wasn't expecting so many) so I thought it would be nice to post 20 facts about me that you may or may not know. Useless and weird information about moi.

So here we go.

1. Lights! Camera! Action!

I want to become a film reviewer when I am older. I love watching different movies, old and new to action and adventure to rom com (romantic comedy), although I will be avoiding horror (I really hate that genre).
My favourite film is Breatfast at Tiffanys, starring my idol Audrey Hepburn and Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, starring Christian Bale as the title role, is my favourite movie franchise. So who knows, you might read an article written by me in the future... Expect the unexpected!

2. The creative kid

Compared to my two older brothers, who named theirs Ted and Teddy (how original), I was the creative one in naming my toy bears.

When I was a baby, my Nanna bought me a pink teddy bear because I am girl. So when my mum asked me what I wanted to call it I said Apple Juice. At the time, she thought I wanted the drink apple juice but no, that was me actually naming my first and favourite bear.

Apple Juice and Four, I was
a creative kid
Another bear I absolutely love and also is my favourite bear jointly with AJ is a small Koala bear I got in Germany (I cant remember the year but I was only young). Since I am clearly the creative child, I called this bear Four.  When Four mysteriously disappeared, I was absolutely devastated. Searching everywhere in the house and in my grandparents house in Scarborough, I gave up hope in finding him. Skip 4 years (oh the irony), my dad found him in a vase in Scarborough. It turns out me and my brothers were playing hide and seek and I hid Four in it but forgot where I put him. Lets just say, that was the last time Four played hide and seek.

3. University Challenge, puh, its so easy...

For those who don't know what University Challenge is, it is a BBC Two TV programme, hosted by Jeremy Paxman, in which two universities from around the UK answer questions, competing for a trophy. The questions vary from music (classic and current), art, science, maths, books and history to name but a few. The winning team of that moves onto the next round, so on and so on until one university wins.  Most of the time, I just say random things and get it wrong but when I actually get a question right I get all excited and clap etc. I get really involved in it.

4. Under the sea, well fishbowl

When I was younger, I had two pet goldfish in my bedroom. Now, you are probably thinking I called them something predictable like Fish and Chips or something. You are wrong. I called them Sid (a yellow fish who looked like Sid of the film franchise Ice Age) and Nemo (he was orange like a clownfish). I did tell you I was creative! When they died (Sid first then Nemo), my mum created little coffins from them made out of small cereal boxes and now are buried in my back garden.

5. 5 is better than 1

Nowadays, the music I listen to is more of the punk-rock genre, from You Me At Six, Fall Out Boy to a bit of Paramore etc but when I was younger I used to adore the pop British band, 5ive. Forget that, I still love them now. They will never get old.
Ritchie will forever be my favourite band member and Keep on Movin' is one of my favourite songs of all time.

I was so sad when they split up in 2001, along with my older brother who got me into them, but now have made a comeback without J, which makes me super duper happy. 5ive will make you get down now.

6. History buff
Since I failed A Level History (I got a D... oh), you would think I would hate it. Well, you are wrong! I love history! From learning about the swinging 60s in the UK, the civil rights movement in America to Russia and World War One and Two, I love learning about the past. Not going to lie, I would have became a historian if I hadn't have failed.

7. Geek le chic

I am going to keep this one brief as I have already written a post about being a fangirl. Basically, I am a geek. I am not ashamed to admit that. I obsess over Merlin (TV show), Doctor Who (TV show), Sherlock (TV show), You Me At Six (Band), DC Comics (films and comic books), Marvel Comics (films and comic books) and Audrey Hepburn (Actress). I like other fandoms but those are my main ones.

The link to the blog post about me being a crazy fangirl, click on the link: http://theadventuresofcarolineosbel.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/i-do-not-keep-calm-im-fan-girl.html

8. Dancing queen

Starting at the age of three, I was a dancer, with 12 medals. Dancing tap, jazz and salsa, I performed in shows and did dance exams at the dance school I went to on Friday, Janet Dickinson's School of Dance, which is why I have so many medals. I quit dancing because I wanted to focus on getting good GCSEs but now I am planning on going back. Yes, I really was a dancing diva.

My 12 dance medals. I have certificate
too but they are in a folder

9. You're a wizard, Caroline.

Another thing I absolutely obsess over is magic, hence why I like Merlin and Harry Potter etc. My magic love ranges from card tricks, magicians, books about witches and wizards and films/tv shows. My childhood book is The Worst Witch by Jull Murphy. This is where my love blossomed from. Performing magic spells and creating potions, I really wanted to become a witch. This love grew when I read the Harry Potter books, by J.K. Rowling, and watched the film adaptations of it. Then BBC One hit drama series Merlin came, magician Dynamo came about on the TV also. These all fuelled my obsession with witchcraft, wizards and magic.

10. I would love to have 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

The first film I watched of Audrey Hepburn was Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) and it wasn't long since it became my favourite film ever! This romantic film gave me shivers down my spine, I adore it. The performances from all of the actors and actresses are just perfect in my opinion. Moon River shortly became one of my favourite songs of all time, I was singing it constantly when I bought the DVD. Since seeing it the first time, I have been collecting all of her films (I have 14 out of 27 so far) and buying anything with her on it. I am not kidding as well. If you haven't watched the film or any of hers, then what are you waiting for, Tiffanys is calling you!

11. Flower power

I have an obsession with flower prints, it is as simple as that. Clothing, decorations, furniture, notebooks and accessories to name but a few, I absolutely love flowers. From roses, orchids, tulips, sunflowers, lilies and sweet peas, I love most types of flowers.  My favourite prints are that of Cath Kidston (http://www.cathkidston.com/). I also love taking photographs of them too. But if I see anything with a flower pattern on then I automatically love it and want it.

12. It smells like cheese

I cannot stand the smell of cheese and I cant eat it if it is just on its own. However, I eat it when it is cooked and with something, for example cheese on toast, pizza and a tuna and cheese malt etc. It is weird. The smell just automatically puts me off it, especially if it is Stinking Bishop. YUCK!

13. I'm Batman

Every time I get invited to a fancy dress party, I always put on the same simple costume (don't worry, I do wash it). I love Batman, the DC Comic superhero. I have a bag, a figurine, books, posters and all of the DVDs (I need to get the TV show) so I love dressing up as Batman (well Batgirl). Who knows, I might be Batgirl for all you know!

Me dressed as batgirl in 2011.
I have a bat mask too
14. A Guides honour

From Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides, I have been in all. I loved being one in fact. Meeting new people, being creative and having a fun time, the memories will definitely stay with me.
I even got to go to Mexico for a week with Guides, which was incredible and a once in a lifetime experience. it just happened to coincide with my 16th birthday so its is a birthday I will never forget in a hurry!
I also got to see some bands/artists I liked due to the Big Gig (a huge contest for Guides only). From JLS, The Saturdays, The Hoosiers, Scounting for Girls, Mcfly to Olly Murs, Pixie Lott, The Noisettes and Alexandra Burke, it was so fun.
Although I left in 2012, I still keep in contact with some of my ex-fellow Girl Guiders, which just shows how you can make friends for life.

15. I got a crush on you

My top 10 celebrity crushes basically.
  1. Colin Morgan-actor, star of BBC One drama Merlin
  2. Josh Franceschi- lead singer in the band You Me At Six
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch- actor, star of BBC One Sherlock
  4. Bradley James- actor, co-star of Colin in Merlin
  5. Eric Szmanda, actor, plays Greg Sanders in CSI
  6. Jamie Dornan, actor, star of Irish TV drama The Fall
  7. Patrick Stump- lead singer of American rock band Fall Out Boy
  8. Freddie Highmore- actor, plays Norman Bate's in Bate's Motel
  9. Shaun Evans- actor, plays Endeavour Morse in ITV's Endeavour
  10. Alex Price- actor, plays Sid in BBC's Father Brown

16. My perfect date

To keep it simple, my perfect date would be a film, popcorn and sweets whilst cuddling on the sofa or something along these lines. Or even a cinema date. I do love a good movie!

17. Attack of the pinkness

My bedroom is pink except for the carpet. The paint on the walls, the wallpaper, the curtains and most of the furniture in my room is baby pink but the carpet is darkish blue, strange I know! I moved into my bedroom when my oldest brother moved out of the house and that's why I have blue carpet. I haven't had the chance to change it... yet!
I even dyed my hair pink for a year.
Yep, I was/am that weird.

My bedroom! It shows all of the photos
and poster I have on my walls and
furniture. Plus my blue carpet...
18. Memories all over the place

Keeping on with the theme of my bedroom, nearly every piece of furniture, except bed and bedside table, and all of my walls are covered in photographs and posters. Starting in 2009, I am just about finished, with only one wall incomplete. I love looking and remembering memories, those were good times.

19. Sent by Angels

My favourite sweet food is Angel Delight, hands down. Although I don't eat that often I actually love the Butterscotch flavoured one. If you don't know what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, get me Angel Delight. I will be one happy girl!

20. Veggie

I have been a vegetarian for 2 years now and I am proud of myself (if I do say so myself) as it was only for a New Years resolution, which was only suppose to last for a year.
When people find out about it, they ask me if it was to do with animal rights etc (which is a common question to ask). However, like I said, it was only suppose to last the year (2012) but I decided to keep it going. another question they ask me is, is it hard not to eat meat. No, it was easier than I thought anyway. I only use to eat chicken so I don't miss meat at all.

Well there you have it, 20 pointless yet weird facts about me.
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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