Why journalism wasn't for me

From 2013-2016, I was at university studying journalism, something in which I had been wanting to do since year 11 in secondary school. I was so excited to get into university [especially after messing up my A-Levels] and yeah, it wasn't the one I wanted to go to, but I was just thrilled to be able to put something I am interested into motion and actually study it.

However, after first year was over, I hated it. I hated going to uni. But more importantly, I hated the course and journalism. I realised it just wasn't for me, and as much as it hurt knowing that, it just isn't and here is why...

I was debating whether or not to do a list version inside of just paragraph after paragraph and I have decided to do a list purely on the basis of it is easier and I can be much more concise in my thoughts.
  1. I can only write certain styles of articles. I bossed writing features but struggled with writing news stories, they were definitely a weakness of mine.
  2. During first year [my favourite by a mileeee], we got to write a travel feature on a location of our choice. However, this wasn't just about the writing, it was also about the design and creating a double page layout for our feature. Honestly, this was the best assignment I ever got during my three years, like it was so much fun and I was definitely in my element for it. Lets just say, I wished we had more of these because my marks for this assignment were some of my highest. [My finished article layout is the main picture]
  3. As much as I loved broadcast [audio and video] and I even came out with 80% ie a first [the highest in my class for that module, not that I am bragging but go me!] in third year, honestly the computer was going to be thrown out of the window. So stressful!
  4. Writing is definitely not my forte. I cannot write to save my life [odd since I am here but god knows why I continue with this blog however that's another post entirely] and even though I have learned sooooo much during my course, it was just something I struggled with so it isn't exactly great for becoming a journalist!
  5. I would get so nervous when interviewing people, even though I love talking to people. Like I know they felt like that too but honestly nope, can't do it.
  6. I am much more a visual person than a sit down and stare at some words [never mind write them]. I found a real passion for design and photography [hence why I designed my blog's layout all by myself and use only my own photographs unless I can't] and this is something that I am interested in doing as my career instead.
Even though journalism isn't for me, I don't regret studying the course at uni.
One, I worked my ass off and it paid off, I have a degree at the end of the day.
Two, I made some amazing friends in which I wouldn't of even got me degree without them and their support.
Three, yeah, writing may not be my forte but design and broadcast were and I words cannot express how much I loved learning them areas.
Four, most importantly, I grew in my confidence and in a person, I wouldn't be who I am today without the course and journalism, something which I will always be grateful for.
Well there you go, why journalism isn't for me.
Until next time
All photographs my own!


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