Little home touches

Over the past few months, I have had such a massive clear out in my bedroom. And the prize for worst hoarder of crap goes to... Me! I have thrown out/given to charity a total of 20 bin bags full. Like whyyyy am I like this?!

Anyway, due to this, I got rid of loads of duvet sets, toys, old makeup/beauty products, clothing, random boxes I had for storage and a hell of a lot more! However, I did buy a few things as well as reusing others I already had. Because of this, I have came up with this little post to show you have I have cut down on the crap whilst adding a bit more me in my bedroom!

Nothing like a bit individual and quirky home touches...

As a self confessed plant killer, you are probably thinking why on earth have a got a plant in my room. The only outcome for the poor thing is death.
However, I am determined to not a plant murderer no more!
Last year my mother bought me three little plants, two of which have sadly passed on. The first one she gave me, surprisingly, has remained. Go Herbert! [That's the name of him].
Anyway, I love plants in rooms because it brings in nature and the outdoor, indoors. With succulent plants, like Herbert here, you only have to water them once a week, if that, so it is nothing major.
I am a sucker for teacups like you cannot have too many in my eyes. Due to the fact that my room is in a vintage style design, teacups just fit in perfectly.
I have recently put my collection on display in my cream shelving and I love it. It is simple but it is lovely to see them and because they are all odd ones, it just creates a little feature in the room.
Storage is a major issue in my bedroom, like for many! Even though I have two built in wardrobes, one part is taken over by my clothing whilst the other is pjs, duvets and where I have my childhood toys. However, before my clear out, one side was just full of boxes of crap and my makeup was everywhere and it just looked so cluttered.
After getting rid of sooo much rubbish and a lot of those boxes, I needed somewhere to keep all of my things and suitcases came to mind.
Not, when I say suitcases, I don't mean the ones you take on holiday with you. I mean the old fashioned ones, like in the briefcase style. I bought loads of mismatching ones and I jut love how they are really pretty but something different to use as storage.

A piggy bank teapot

If you follow me on Twitter then you will probably know about my missions to find a floral teapot for a couple of months now.
I didn't give the reason as to why I wanted one but when I finally found this £7 beautiful pale pink one from Asda, my little idea was revealed.
A piggy bank teapot.
I just think this is such a cute and quirky way to keep your copper pennies safe, ready to be taken to the bank!
Fairy lights
Hello, my name is Caroline and I am a fairy lights addict.
I cannot get enough of fairy lights at all, I have sooooo many in my room. However, during the cold seasons, I love turning them on as it just makes me feels all warm and cosy. You can use them around your bed frame, if you have a piece of wall art or some furniture [like I have done with my shelves], the list is pretty much endless of what you can put fairy lights on. It just adds a bit of character, especially if they are flower ones etc, which creates a warm vibe in your room.
Flowers in a teapot
I love flowers, they are one of my favourite things in live, especially roses. But instead of putting them in your usual vase, I put my fake pink roses [I cannot be trusted with real ones ok] in my pretty teapot. It is just something different and it fits in with my overall room theme, whilst being a bit quirky. You can use a kilner jar or a jam jar you have washed or whatever you have lying around. Like I said, it is just different from a the usual flowers in a vase.

Pretty Wall Art

I love putting things on my bedroom walls, I mean a year ago all of them were covered in posters, bits n bobs and photos! You couldn't see my wallpaper/paint underneath!
When I redecorated my room this time last year, I went from busy walls to plain, cream walls. However, I did have loads of wall art to put up and this beautiful Hello Lovely wall plaque from Wilkos.
I just love things like this because it is sooooooo pretty and puts a massive smile on my face!
Well there you have it, little home improvements I have done.
I cannot wait to get my own place and actually just go full on decorating and adding the finishing touches because this has made me so ready for that!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 


  1. Love that you used your teacup collection to decorate your room! Such a great idea using teapots as vases and a piggy bank!


    1. Aw thank you so much, I just love my teacups! And I know right, you can use teapots for so many things! x

  2. Aww this looks amazing! I love the quirky aspects!

    Rachael xox

    1. Awww thank you lovely! I am so happy with my bedroom and how its all turned out! x

  3. The teacups and suitcases are absolutley GORGEOUS! Such a lovely room x


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