Globetrotters| Jiamusi, China

Kicking off a new post series here on my blog [woooooo] and I am soooooooooooo excited for it! A couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to a pink and silver globe from M&S like yessssssss! I tried to find it on their website but I think they might not sell it anymore, not too sure!

I have always wanted a globe in my bedroom because even though I was crap at geography at school, I loved learning about new places, other countries and different cultures, I found it all so fascinating!

Due to this, I thought I would put my new bedroom addition to use and here I am! After spinning the globe and putting my finger on a random place [with my eyes closed of course], I will research wherever I pick and bullet point some facts about it oooooooo! Now, I haven't decided yet whether this is going to be a fortnightly, monthly, just post whenever I want kinda thing, I am yet to make my mind up.

However, I thought I would kick it off now and well, I have our first city to explore...

Jiamusi, China
  • Population is over 2,400,000 and nationalities include Han, Korean and Manchu.
  • The city is located in eastern Heilongjiang province.
  • Wasn't until the twentieth century that Jiamusi became an active city.
  • It is located along the middle and lower reaches of Songhua River.
  • It was first named Giyamusi in 1720, which means Inn in the language of Manchu.
  • Its climate goes to one extreme to another. From long, bitterly dry winters to hot summers.
  • There is also an university there, which was established in 1947!
Well there we have it, the first city in my new globe trotters series!
Cannot wait to find out about other places around the world!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


  1. Great idea for a series! I adore that globe - it is seriously gorgeous!

    Rachael xox

    1. Aw thank you, I cannot wait to find out more about places! And I know right, I am so in love with it! x


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