The Beauty Blogger tag

First blogger tag of the year, can I get an amen up in here, woooooooooooo! I love these tags because I love getting to know the person behind the blog and I am always up for doing these, unless I have already done that particular one, but they are some of my favourite posts to do.

This time round, I have been tagged by the beautiful Eleanor, from the adorable blog Teapots and Elephants, and I am sooooooooooooooo buzzing about this one. Mainly because it is all about beautyyyyy!

Yasssssssss, here is The Beauty Blogger Tag [wooooooooooo]...

Do you have any fashion or beauty icons? Who?!

I most certainly do and it is the beautiful Audrey Hepburn [who just so happens to be like my most favourite person ever and my ultimate idol]. She literally pulled off everything she wore, such a beautiful soul!
Beauty pet peeve?
I really cannot think of any to be honest. Like Eleanor said in her post, I don't think there should be any as well, it's up to the individual on how they do makeup and not for us to judge.
Would you rather wear no makeup for the rest of your life or makeup everyday (but you can't take it off when going to bed)
Probably the latter because I do that anyway oooooopsy!
Do you have any tips or tricks makeup/cosmetic wise?
Do your eye makeup first because you can always cover up any mistakes when you apply your foundation.
Kim K or Kendall Jenner makeup?
None of them because I don't really follow them and have zerooooooo idea how they do their makeup?! [and I couldn't care less about them hah]
Do you only buy cruelty-free makeup and if so why?
I do try to. When I was in secondary school, we watched this video all about animal testing and honestly, I still have the images shown in my head, it was awful so hand on my heart, I do try and buy cruelty free products.
Share a photo of what you consider to be your worst moment beauty-wise.

From one of the best days in my life [when I met my favourite band You Me At Six for the first time] but WHAT THE HELL WERE MY EYEBROWS THOUGH.
Skincare or Makeup?
Makeup for sure, I have only just started getting into skincare these past few months but you cannot beat some eyeliner, mascara and a bit of red lippy!

What is your favourite skincare item? Why?
Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream, it feels sooooo gooooood on!
Eyeliner or eyeshadow?
Eye liner hands down, gotta love a flick!
What made you start blogging?
To get rid of some unwanted feelings I had and now it's just become this passion of mine!
What is your best skincare tip/product?
Always moisturise!
Makeup essential? 
Red lipstick, it is my favouriteeeeeeeeeeeee
Favourite celebrity makeup.
Audrey Hepburn, like her look was simple and elegant and who can beat them eyebrows though?!
Dream holiday destination?
Iceland so I can see the Northern Lights.
Biggest fear.
Not to be loved and for the ones I love to leave me.
Favourite lipstick?
Go to outfit?
Favourite holiday you have been on?
What's on the top of your bucket list?
Three things you cannot live without?
Who would you like to play you in a film about your life?
Name a beauty product you were disappointed with
What are you currently loving at the moment [can be anything]
I tag Beth, Felicia, Amanda, Melissa, Lucy and Jay!
Well there you have it, my first blogger tag of 2017, wooooooooo!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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