Pimms and Needles, DIY Skills

That time of the month again... Pimms and Needles time! Last nights meeting consisted of a drill, nails, tiles and our ceramic creations from the last meeting! It was DIY night.

I love a bit of DIY. From painting, tiling, putting up a shelf, we learned it all there. Although I knew how to do most of the things we learned, it was a good night none the less.

So here is 'Pimms and Needles, DIY Skills'...

First things first, thanks to all of the ladies who organised the night and baked cakes, it was a great night!

We started the meeting as we always do with a presentation of what was to come and then the fun began.
We learned about personal security from Francis, who works at Sparta Security North East and who recently appeared in BBC Three's Rent A Cop programme.
Learning how to tile our bathrooms thanks to Garry from Willow Building & Plastering and putting up shelves from Andy from Everwood Joinery and finally, resealing our bathrooms from Graeme of Graeme Feeney Plumbing & Heating.

 Francis of Sparta Security North East

 Graeme of Graeme Feeney Plumbing & Heating

 Garry from Willow Building & Plastering

Andy from Everwood Joinery
We also received our ceramics we made from the previous meeting, which I was so happy about!
 I will show you them when I have finished creating the product!
Well there you go! I am going to go and put up my new vintage mirror on my wall now I am in the mood!
A great night to get our hands into!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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